Neurosequential Model in Therapeutics (NMT) Certification

All child and adolescent psychiatry fellows will participate in training in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) and will a receive a certification in this model of care prior to the completion of their training.  The NMT is a “developmentally sensitive, neurobiology-informed approach to clinical problem solving” (Perry 2019).  It is not a specific treatment modality or technique, but rather is an evidence-based practice that “can provide a practical and useful clinical framework to help clinicians identify strengths and vulnerabilities of the maltreated child and implement developmentally appropriate therapeutic, educational and enrichment services” (Perry 2019).  Our hope is that using this framework will allow all of our graduates to have additional tools for evaluating children and adolescents in a holistic and comprehensive manner beyond the expertise that they will gain in psychopharmacology.

Please see the following link for more information about this exciting new addition to our didactics curriculum:

neurosequential network tm