Diversity and Inclusion

Allies for Change

Like so many people across our country, we have been discouraged and dismayed by recent events involving loss of life, injustice, and mistreatment of marginalized groups. As a program, we all agreed that we needed to make a change and do something in response to be a force for good and for change in our community. We discussed how privileged we are in many different ways and how we can feel guilty for that or we can use our privilege to amplify the voices of others. Out of these conversations, our diversity and inclusion initiative, Allies for Change, was created. The purpose is to have a space in our clinic where we can educate ourselves, where we can have open and fruitful dialogues, and that we can all grow, as individual people and as a clinic.

Through Allies for Change, we host lunch and learns on topics like implicit biases, education on and celebration of different cultures and holidays like Diwali or Latinx Heritage Month, a commitment to seek out continuing education in social determinants of health and underserved populations, dedication to diversity in recruiting, and quality improvement projects.

Mission Statement

We are difference makers, dedicated to allying with and empowering marginalized communities. It is our mission to recognize and fight inequality, educate ourselves and others in our spheres of influence, and transform our clinic and community into a safer and more inclusive place that values and respects all members.  

Vision Statement

Our vision is that our clinic is a place of conversation and learning, where every staff member is dedicated to humility, growth, and education. Out of this growth in our clinic, we want to see our patients and our community changed for the better.  

Core Values

  • Listening: We seek to listen to the people around us, with humility and a posture of growth and understanding.  
  • Advocacy: We seek to use the privilege that we have, both personally and professionally, as a means with which to advocate for marginalized communities in addressing systemic inequality.  
  • Empowerment: We seek to empower our patients to assert greater control over their health and health care, especially those whose voices are often not heard. 
  • Equity: We seek equity: in our clinic, in our healthcare system, in our national healthcare system, and in our society at large. We strive towards doing our part to remove the healthcare disparities we see today.  
  • Education: We seek to learn more about the struggles of marginalized communities and about cultures other than our own, taking the initiative to learn these things rather than waiting for others to teach them to us.  

"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Diversity Leadership Award" Winners

Melicia Tanner and Melanie Connah