Division of Prehospital Medicine

The Division of Prehospital Medicine will provide structure, expert collaboration, support and oversight to prehospital patient care, education and population health initiatives for the Prisma Health, the Greenville community and Upstate Region of South Carolina.

Learn more about the Division of Prehospital Medicine at https://hsc.ghs.org/prehospital.

Primary Focus Areas

  • Assessment and continuous improvement of system operations
  • Prehospital education and research
  • Special event medical support
  • Preparedness and response
  • Innovation


Ensure quality prehospital care for the benefit of our communities served.


Constantly improve the delivery of prehospital care and preparedness activities throughout the Prisma Health, surrounding community and Upstate Region of South Carolina.


  • High-quality patient care that is efficient and effective
  • Leading academically in prehospital education and research
  • Collaborative professional environment throughout the healthcare and public service community
  • Embracing innovation
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility

The Division is led by an Executive EMS medical director and administrative director and staff consists of Emergency Medicine faculty, EMS educators, adjunct faculty and administrative staff.

Partnerships with Intramural and Extramural Stakeholders

  • Clinical Integration and the Care Coordination Institute
  • Prisma Health clinical departments
  • USC School of Medicine Greenville
  • Health Sciences Center with the affiliated colleges and universities
  • Social services
  • Prisma Health Marketing
  • Community and Upstate regional response services
  • State and Federal agencies

Areas of Interest

Broad areas are targeted for discussion, analysis, project development, implementation and refinement.

  • Operations and planning for ground and air transport services
  • Prehospital educational courses
    • EMT, Community Paramedic, refresher, NAEMT, rescue and specialty
  • Research
  • Preparedness
    • Planning, operations, response and assessment
  • Mass gathering medical support

Emergency Medicine resident participation in all Division activities is available and expected.