Welcome to the research division of the Department of Emergency Medicine. While the Residency Leadership Team realizes that not all residents will choose to become an active participant in Biomedical Research throughout their career, we will encourage all our residents to be exposed to the various types of Biomedical Research.

This is an exciting time as our Department grows with the Residency. We have many motivated junior and senior faculty ready to shepherd your burgeoning interest into productive projects. Research is one of the core missions of Prisma Health and as such, there is ample opportunity for those with the initiative.

Program Features

  • Required to complete CITI training for the protection of human subjects.
  • Complete at least one “Academic Project” as outlined by the ACGME and Residency Leadership Team.
  • All residents will be exposed to a quarterly rotation of lectures.
  • A resident-led monthly Journal Club
  • Opportunity to become paired with a faculty research mentor

Our Department is actively participating in a new strategic alliance with Clemson University to help grow our research interests. This alliance allows access to collaborators and investigators who are ready to help with funding and implementation of various projects.

We have robust ongoing EMS research surrounding pre-hospital recognition and treatment of sepsis, upcoming projects involving social media and ED utilization and several research projects involving the impressive Simulation Center as part of the overall medical campus.