The curriculum is the educational experiences that provide learners with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop the skills necessary to become competent and caring family physicians. The bulk of educational programming comes during patient care experiences through our block rotations and longitudinal continuity clinics, but the Prisma Health Family Medicine Greenville Residency Program also offers some unique curricular experiences that make our program stand out from others.  

Patient Care

Outpatient Care Delivery

The Center for Family Medicine-Greenville is our primary teaching site and offers primary care to a diverse patient population allowing for exposure to many areas of medicine. Residents provide full scope primary care services including preventive services, acute care, chronic disease management, and minor procedures.

The Prisma Health Family Medicine Residency Greenville prides itself with the mission that the “Clinic is the Curriculum”. With that, our diverse and engaged faculty strive to create a foundation for residents to practice in any setting after graduation. We model our clinical experience after the 10+3 AAMC model of “High Functioning Primary Care Residency Clinics” and actively strive to enhance the patient and educational experiences through a process of continuous improvement. We hold ourselves to the highest standards for quality and are committed to achieving health equity by working to identify and address social determinants of health within the healthcare system.

From your first day of residency, you will be assigned a panel of patients that you will serve as the primary care provider for. In this capacity, you will coordinate and oversee the delivery of high quality and high value care. 

Each resident is also assigned to one of 3 clinical teams upon starting residency and works with a designated team nurse throughout residency. As residents advance through the curriculum, they will build to a clinic volume that mirrors most community outpatient practices. The table below shows the typical panel size and clinic patients by PGY year:

The Center for Family Medicine has several ongoing projects that align with our dual missions of clinical and educational excellence. These include:

  • A grant from the American Cancer Society to improve colorectal cancer screening rates
  • Partnership with Choose Well SC to provide contraception counseling services to patients in need
  • Partnership with The Best Chance Network to provide breast and cervical cancer screening for at risk women
  • Selected by the Association of Family Medicine Residency Directors “Clinic First” Collaborative

The Center for Family Medicine – Greenville strives to be a high–performing clinic that offers improved access and continuity of care, population management, data-driven improvement, and coordination of care within the medical system. Clinical leadership looks to the resident as agents of change and support resident engagement in quality improvement and community outreach. Our residents not only graduate into successful practice settings but become leaders within the healthcare system and advocates for change.

Inpatient Care Delivery

The Family Medicine Teaching Service is a full scope family medicine inpatient service that operates at GMH. The service is comprised of a two to three resident team that cares for our clinic patients, all patients from the Greenville County Detention Center when they need hospital care, and also unassigned adults and newborns. Greenville Memorial Hospital is also the location for inpatient pediatric, newborn, internal medicine, obstetrics, pulmonary, and cardiology rotations for our residents. Residents also rotate through the adult and pediatric emergency departments as part of the core rotations. Some clinical experiences also occur at other local Prisma Health Upstate facilities.