Global Health

Providing care to patients in a variety of settings is one of the best ways to enrich the understanding of both systemic, political, and cultural aspects of health. As a residency program, we realize that there are limits to what we can show you within the walls of our institution and we want to support any resident that has a desire to provide care in another country or community where they feel the need to serve.

Residents can participate in global health experiences either as an elective experience that counts towards graduation requirements or as an extra-curricular experience that falls outside of the residency programming.

For those residents who would like to pursue a global health experience as an elective, they should discuss their interests with the program director to allow for:

  • Adequate planning for call coverage
  • Development of learning objectives
  • Assistance in attaining mentorship for supervision, evaluation and guidance on a scholarly project

Residents have traveled to various locations across the globe over the past 50 years, but most recently our residents have had a consistent presence through an annual trip to Fortaleza Brazil in conjunction with the Med/Peds and Pediatric departments.  Faculty, residents, and medical students provide primary care in clinics throughout the city and in multiple sites of the Davis Lar orphanage.

Dr. Palmira S. Snape Endowment Fund

Established in 2005, this endowment fund was created by Dr. Palmira Snape, prior program director for the family medicine residency program, to provide financial assistance to residents who pursue global health opportunities. These funds are distributed annually amongst all residents participating in global health trips at the discretion of the program leadership.