What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine

Our Lifestyle Medicine program is one of the most innovative aspects of our curriculum. We are a pilot site for a novel residency-based curriculum which integrates Lifestyle Medicine into clinical and didactic learning. Through this curriculum, interested residents have the option of completing all requirements to sit for Lifestyle Medicine board certification after graduation. Three of our faculty members, Dr. Carek, Dr. Emerson, and Dr. MacGilvray are board certified in Lifestyle Medicine. We also collaborate with the USC School of Medicine Greenville to offer Lifestyle Medicine training to medical students.

The Lifestyle medicine curriculum is broken into three components:

Clinical delivery

Residents are encouraged to use evidenced lifestyle medicine counseling and treatment options for the patients they care for at the center for family medicine. Residents track and monitor the use of these clinical experiences.

Independent application

The best proponents of making therapeutic lifestyle changes are those that practice what they preach. Residents are provided a menu of independent application activities that they can complete throughout the education training. These include fun activities such as cooking a healthy meal with friends, learning about stress reduction techniques through mindfulness, or tracking physical activity with a goal of monitoring and improving.

Lifestyle Focused Didactics

Throughout our didactic series and core skills block rotations, residents receive evidenced reviews on key topics within the field of lifestyle medicine to begin to build the knowledge base to provide lifestyle focused care. These are 30-60 minutes in length and delivered by both residents and faculty.

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