Resident Well-Being

The Prisma Health FMR Greenville’s focus on Lifestyle Medicine extends to our approach to resident well-being.  We believe that healthy lifestyle behaviors are beneficial, not only to our patients, but to ourselves. We try to “walk the walk” by applying Lifestyle Medicine principles to residency life. For example:

  • All PGY-1s are booked an initial appointment at the Employee Assistance Program, a free benefit provided by Prisma Health. Through this visit, are introduced to the services available with the initial “getting started” barriers removed. Residents are guaranteed protected time away from work to continue EAP visits as needed.
  • Residents enjoy healthy lunches and “wellness walks” around the outdoor walking track at the adjacent Prisma Health Life Center during weekly didactics.
  • We offer opportunities for personal creative reflection on challenging aspects of medicine in regular Narrative Medicine sessions.
  • Every 5th Wednesday is a “Wellness Wednesday” in didactics. We travel off-site to participate in a wellness activity and socialize together.
  • During PGY-1 Core Skills, focused wellness skills teaching helps interns build their personal well-being toolboxes.

Well-being is important enough for our residency that residents and faculty worked together to develop our unique definition of physician well-being. The purpose of the definition is to describe what wellness means to us and to define responsibilities of individuals and the group in working toward a well community. This definition is also the basis for twice yearly residency well-being assessments and one-on-one check-ins with residents’ advisors.

GVL FMR Wellness Definition

We believe that physician well-being is:

  • critical to being a competent, empathic, and professional physician
  • a shared responsibility that spans the socioecological levels (e.g., individual, team, residency, community, institution, society)
  • an evolving and ongoing process (rather than a discrete endpoint) which involves attitudes, knowledge, skills, and habits

We believe that a well physician:

  • finds his/her/their work experience to be rewarding
  • identifies and maintains personal wellness goals
  • feels safe and healthy
  • has autonomy, belonging, and competency intact
  • works to achieve concordance and harmony between work, home, personal development, spiritual life, family, love, and community engagement

To promote physician well-being, we all work together to:

  • establish an inclusive, respectful, supportive, equitable, and compassionate residency community
  • embraces a culture of change and continuous improvement while also striving for acceptance
  • cultivate educational experiences to help physicians improve personal vitality
  • encourage and support everyone’s wellness goals
  • allow adequate time away from work for physicians to maintain personal identity and mental health