Vacation/Paid Time Off

ABS Family Leave Policy

  • As allowed by their programs, residents may take documented leave to care for a new child, whether for the birth, the adoption, or placement of a child in foster care; to care for a seriously ill family member (spouse, son, daughter, or parent); or to recover from the resident’s own serious illness.
  • Residents may take an additional 2 weeks off during the first 3 years of residency, for a total of 142 weeks required, and an additional 2 weeks off during the last 2 years of residency, for a total of 94 weeks required. Note: This is an ABS policy only and should not be confused with family leave as permitted by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). No approval is needed for this option if taken as outlined.

Education Allowance

  • First Year: $500
  • Second year: $1,000
  • Third year: $1,000
  • Fourth year: $1,000
  • Chief year: $1,500


  • Medical malpractice insurance paid by the hospital
  • Inexpensive health, dental, vision and orthodontic insurance for residents and their families
  • Medical savings account available: Pretax money can be used to pay for medical and child care expenses

Additional Benefits

  • Monthly meal stipend
  • South Carolina License fee, State DHEC DEA and Federal DEA license fees paid
  • SESC and ACS candidate group memberships paid yearly
  • LifeCenter Club membership available at a reduced rate
  • ACLS, ATLS, FEC/FES, FLS, ASSET & ATOM courses fee paid
  • Surgical Loupes fee provided
  • SCORE (Surgical Council on Resident Education) provided for all residents
  • Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum provided for PGY-1 residents
  • Cameron: “Current Surgical Therapy”provided for PGY-4 and PGY-5 residents
  • Lab coats (Three in the first year and three in the fourth year)
  • Lab coats and free laundry service
  • Free covered parking
  • iPhone provided
  • Computer(s) work room in the hospital, as well as resident call rooms