2nd Year

Veena Aswath, DO

Hometown: Danville, Virginia
Medical School: University of Pikeville, Kentucky

Why I Chose Greenville: After interviewing here, Prisma-Upstate immediately shot to the top of my list due to the camaraderie displayed by the residents and the program’s commitment to resident well-being. It was comforting and refreshing to see that this program was taking mental health and physician burnout seriously to maintain career success and longevity.  Everyone was extremely welcoming on my interview day and made me feel like I was part of a family.  Furthermore, all the residents boasted of ample opportunities for procedures and research for fellowship opportunities if desired.  Greenville is truly a hidden gem and I am so excited for the opportunity to train here! ...more

Nathan Koali’I Barron, DO

Hometown: Troy, Alabama
Medical School:  Alabama College of Osteo Medicine

Why I Chose Greenville:  Out of all my interviews, this program had the most transparent, clearly happy residents. During my conversations with them, I noticed that they carried themselves proudly as a Prisma Health resident. Every medical student knows that residency will be demanding. However, after seeing the Prisma residents walk down the halls of the hospital with smiles on their faces, despite knowing their current hardships, speaks volumes about the program.
I have intentions of pursuing a hematology/oncology fellowship, and I know that this program will help me be prepared to the best of my ability. After meeting the residents and seeing their work ethic and interactions between faculty and staff, I know that this program will not only prepare me for my future as a physician, but also help me develop as a person.

Phillip Dixon, MD

Hometown: Summerfield, North Carolina
Medical School: University of South Carolina, Greenville

Why I Chose Greenville: It is natural for residency applicants to compare each program they interview to their home institution. In my case, I was comparing every program to the internal medicine program here at Prisma Health-Upstate. What I found was that Greenville offered a unique combination of attributes that was unmatched anywhere else. The first thing that stood out to me was the people. You will not find a more welcoming and friendly program director and leadership group. The faculty is genuinely interested not only in your success as a resident, but in you as a person as well. As a student I observed a very collegial atmosphere among the residents. Everyone is willing to help one another improve, and there are numerous resident-led activities outside of the hospital. This is a nationally recognized internal medicine program, and its graduates pursue an array of post-residency endeavors. It was important to me to go to a place that would allow me to have plenty of options upon completion of my training. As a student here, I was able to work with residents who are now in competitive fellowship programs or are working for respected health systems. Lastly, it is really hard to beat life in Greenville. Downtown is beautiful and has many great restaurants. My wife and I love to walk and bike on the Swamp Rabbit trail. The mountains are an hour away, and the beach is 3 hours away. For my wife and me, Greenville offers the total package and we are thrilled to be here. ...more

Melissa Douge, DO

Hometown: Miami, Florida
Medical School: Campbell University

Why I Chose Greenville: In the search for the right program, I hoped to answer 3 important questions in the affirmative: “Would this program tailor my curriculum to help me meet my unique professional goals? Was this program strong academically? Would I fit in with the residents and hopefully make an impact?” I answered a big YES to these 3 questions for Prisma Health. It was the one program where I knew right away that I could fit in. Not only were my 3 questions answered in the affirmative, but the program remained memorable throughout the entire interview season. This is what ultimately guided my decision to rank it as my top choice. ...more

Camille Purcell, MD

Hometown: Austin, Texas
Medical School: Texas A & M

Why I Chose Greenville: Having lived in Texas my whole life, when considering residency options, I looked for a new “home” to grow in the next several years of my personal and professional life. I am a big believer that home is about the people around you. I was so impressed by everyone I met during my interview in Greenville. The residents were open and engaging despite being busy with their workday. It was clear how dedicated the faculty and administration are to both challenging and supporting their residents. I loved that in addition to the top-notch training with all the perks of a large academic medical campus, everyone involved with the residency was a close-knit family with great camaraderie. Also, Greenville is pretty cool! Living in a laid-back environment has always been my preference, but the city also offers fun activities, tons of good food options (a biggie for my husband and me) and is near lots of other cool cities to explore as well. I am looking forward to spending the next few years here. ...more

Faris Hajmurad, MD

Hometown: Alexandria, Louisiana
Medical School: University of Louisiana

Why I Chose Greenville: I chose Greenville because I saw during my interview how much of a close-knit family the residency program is here especially at the dinner and grand rounds. I especially enjoy how much the internal medicine residency program is expanding by adding fellowships this upcoming year in pulmonary-critical care, infectious disease, and gastroenterology. I am from a small town in Louisiana and Greenville provides that sense of comfort, yet still has so much to offer with restaurants and nightlife. It is also a close drive to major cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, and Charleston. Most importantly in the end, I saw how this program and city was going to be able to provide me top notch training which was what really drew me to this program. ...more

Swetha Mannem, MD

Hometown: Ashburn, Virginia
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Why I Chose Greenville: There were a few things about Greenville that stood out to me while on the interview trail. The supportive environment was immediately apparent in how the residents interacted with one another and with the rest of the faculty and staff. The program’s leadership team took the time to get to know each one of us on my interview day, while the residents I met with made the interview experience less stressful and more welcoming. I already felt like I was a part of the family. Whereas the program’s smaller size gave me sense of a personal community-based training, there was also a heavy emphasis on academics and plenty of opportunities for research, especially for those interested in specializing later in their training. The faculty was very supportive of the learning environment, and it was easy to understand, from observing the residents, that I would have thorough clinical training while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The beautiful city of Greenville itself offers so many things to do for everyone, including hiking trails, many restaurants, exhibits and festivals that I look forward to taking advantage of during my time away from the hospital! ...more

Summer Nguyen, MD

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia
Medical School: Eastern Virginia

Why I Chose Greenville: When I arrived in Greenville for my interview, I was warmly greeted by an Uber driver. Because it was my first time here, he chatted about the history of the city and how it has changed a lot in the past five years. He even drove the scenic way so I could see downtown, and he excitedly listed off all sorts of activities that take place in Greenville. I wondered if everyone in the city was this nice or if it was just him. However, every single person from residents to staff were warm and welcoming! After matching during this pandemic, the residents have gone above and beyond to help us have a successful transition to residency. For instance, they put together a guide on different neighborhoods and costs so that we could make an informed decision on where to live. They even offered to check out places for us. I am very lucky to become part of this city and hospital community because I know that I am joining good-hearted people who will help me become a phenomenal physician. ...more

Aaron Rampersad, DO

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida
Medical School: Lake Erie College

Why I Chose Greenville: I knew from the very first day I received my invitation to interview with Greenville Internal Medicine Residency Program I would list Greenville as my first choice. Throughout my interview day, everyone made me feel so welcomed and appreciated. I understood the next three years of residency would be challenging, and I wanted to participate in a program where the residents and faculty are supportive and work well together; Greenville Internal Medicine Residency Program provides just that. In addition, the faculty and staff are huge advocates for their residents’ success, training, and wellbeing. I definitely felt at home and I knew I would fit in with ease.
Secondly, the city of Greenville reminded me of my hometown in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is not a large city, yet not too small and full of life. Also, downtown Greenville is not far if you want to experience the nightlife and explore the city. It is a perfect location for a young physician like me. In addition, I enjoy the great outdoors, and Greenville is located near so many parks to explore during my free time. Overall, I am very excited to begin my residency training with the Greenville Internal Medicine Residency Program and to take advantage of the vast opportunities available to me!

Max Rosenthal, MD

Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Medical School: Charité University Medicine Berlin

Why I Chose Greenville: The first time I considered Greenville as a potential place to live and work was during a family visit just after high school. Being an outdoors-enthusiast, what initially made me fall in love with the city was the easy accessibility of phenomenal hiking routes, lakes and opportunities for mountain biking and kayaking, among others. Having grown up in two large cities, I was looking to transition to a place that still had a city feel to it, with cultural and athletic events and an actual downtown, but with less of the day-to-day stresses and hectic pace. Greenville was the perfect choice in this regard.
I had the opportunity to spend time at Prisma Health during medical school and felt very welcomed by both the residents I worked with as well as the program leadership I got to meet. The small class size made for a very close-knit community feeling among residents. The faculty were also very aware of the goals and needs of each individual resident. It is hard to find such a level of collegiality and camaraderie in the setting of such a big hospital system. After a great interview experience, I knew that this was where I wanted the next phase of my clinical training to take place.

Christopher Schrank, MD

Hometown: Greer, South Carolina
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina

Why I Chose Greenville: I chose Prisma Health Upstate Internal Medicine Residency for a variety of reasons, but ultimately, it came down to the feeling I got on my interview day. IM residencies will largely be structured in a similar fashion, so the important characteristics that distinguished them for me were reputation, career advancement opportunity, and level of commitment to resident educational, professional, and personal development and growth. At Greenville, all these characteristics came to the forefront, not because of anything specific on paper, but because of the feel and interactions with the people that make this residency program run. Residency is a time of hard work, but it is also a time for great potential. I needed a program that would demand a lot from its residents, but still at the end of the day provide a platform that allowed residents to grow as physicians. Prisma Health Upstate is that program. ...more

Haley Thompson, MD

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina

Why I Chose Greenville: I chose the Internal Medicine program at Prisma Health Upstate for a multitude of reasons. Most importantly, during my interview season it was the one program that felt most like “home”. All the residents knew each other and had great relationships really giving the program a small town feel in a large academic center. On interview day, the program director emphasized the importance of family and time away from the hospital – something most of us find very important to avoid burnout. The hospital facilities and grounds are very nice and within walking distance to a state-of-the-art medical school where we will get to do simulation training as residents. Lastly, Greenville is an absolutely amazing city to live in. It is fun, it is affordable, and it’s full of opportunity! ...more