3rd Year

Corin Agoris, MD

Hometown: Tarpon Springs, Florida
Medical School: University of South Florida College of Medicine

Why I Chose Greenville:  As a Florida native and student there for over twenty-five years, I decided that I wanted to study internal medicine outside my home state in order to broaden my knowledge and clinical experience. I ultimately decided on Greenville Health System because it is an established, highly-ranked program with beautiful facilities and training sites, which possesses  knowledgeable and helpful faculty and residents. The program offers expert training in primary care internal medicine in the hospital setting and outside ambulatory clinics. Furthermore, Greenville provides numerous training experiences among the subspecialties of internal medicine.  The faculty is willing to work with residents on whatever they choose as their final career path. If that were not enough, the city of Greenville is simply amazing with something to offer all types of people. The city has numerous outdoor activities, a vibrant downtown and nightlife, beautiful weather year-round with seasons (we only have hot and hotter where I am from in Florida), and is right in the middle of Atlanta, Charlotte, Asheville, and the Smokey Mountains! ...more

Susanne Bentley, DO

Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Carolinas

Why I chose Greenville: I fell in love with the Upstate during my medical school training in Spartanburg SC, and set my sites on GHS early. During my third-year inpatient medicine rotation I developed a passion for hospitalist medicine and learned that my attending had trained with GHS.  I was impressed with his knowledge and skill set, but more so I appreciated his interactions with all those he encountered.  I believe the culture at GHS fosters comradery and respect among colleagues as well as compassion for patients and a genuine interest in academics. On interview day, Dr. Fuller discussed his philosophy on medical education and I knew the academics and pursuit of knowledge in other programs could not compare.
Greenville offers a wide variety of pathology with a diverse patient population which was high on my priority list. I wanted opportunities for research, strong hospitalist training and options for rotations in global health and addiction medicine. GHS checked all the boxes. After meeting several residents and having more than one episode of belly laughter during the didactic Jeopardy game, I decided to rank GHS number one. I am ecstatic to have found a place to consider home and continue my training in internal medicine.

Paige Ganem, DO

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:  I am so excited to begin my residency at Greenville Memorial! From the beginning of my interview experience, I felt right at home. Every resident I met seemed to have such joy and excitement about their colleagues and the program. The focus on individualized learning styles for didactics, the intimacy and family-like vibe of the program, as well as the excellent preparation for boards and life after residency were some of my top factors in my choice! I was very impressed by the hospital and the area as well! With the outdoor opportunities, Greenville offers exactly what I need to recharge and have fun outside of work! I am looking forward to becoming a part of the community and starting my intern year with the internal medicine residency program! ...more

Humera Hazari, MD

Hometown: Schaumburg, Illinois
Medical School: University of Toledo College of Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:  As I pondered the perfect residency program for me, the best advice I had received from my mentor is that the kind of people matter more than anything else. I knew I would be closely spending the next few years with them, sometimes more time than with my family or friends… and they will become family over the years as well. First and foremost, GHS/USC School of Medicine Greenville has some of the most supportive residents, faculty, and staff.  The culture is truly something I had not seen anywhere else, it felt right! Everyone here was warm and welcoming since my first encounter. Camaraderie counts, and I was convinced that this principle will always take precedence here. Secondly, I wanted to be at a place whose values resonate with my own. GHS’s mission and its vision reflect my journey in medicine and everything I aspire to be. “Heal compassionately. Teach innovatively. Improve constantly.” I was impressed by GHS’s presence in the community, its truly an impeccable model of care for patients, as well as being strong proponents for medical education! I was always taught that the day you stop learning, is the day you will no longer be a doctor. I was convinced that I would be challenged in this environment to reach my full potential and become the best physician I am capable of being, all while valuing compassion and empathy above all else. I was informed about the research blocks built into the schedule each year, along with many other opportunities residents have utilized to match into fellowships of their choice. Having this academic challenge and encouragement stood out to me as well. Another important factor as I considered residency programs was to live somewhere that is warm, is a mid-size city with a good cost of living, and somewhere I could find activities that I enjoy on my days off. Having spent my life in the Midwest, I finally hoped to take a break from harsh winters. After contemplating large cities to live in during residency, I had realized that it would not be a wise decision on a resident salary. Additionally, it was important to me that I live very close to the hospital and have the shortest and most convenient commute possible. Lastly, I love being outdoors and Greenville and its surrounding cities are truly beautiful. Greenville really surprised me, it is a perfect fit for me in all those aspects! ...more

Magen Heide, MD

Hometown: Hanover Park, Illinois
Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine

Why I chose Greenville: I chose Greenville Health System for a multitude of reasons. When I came to interview at GHS, I was greeted by friendly residents who truly looked happy to be at work. As my interview day continued, I became certain that I could get the training I needed here to reach my future goals.  Last but definitely not least, I fell in love with the city of Greenville and I knew I could call this place home. ...more

Brendan Kiefer, MD

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School

Why I chose Greenville: GHS had the best combination of qualities I was looking for in a program: solid reputation, diverse pathology, a strong focus on teaching, and ample opportunity for hands on learning. They care about work life balance , which is reflected in the well-rounded residents.  There is a real sense of community here. Everyone including the staff and administrators are incredibly welcoming and supportive.  It was my interactions with these people that really drew me to the program. On top of that, Greenville is a wonderful city with plenty of opportunities to be active outdoors.  I have no doubt that I will enjoy my next 3 years here and leave residency prepared for whatever my future career may hold. ...more

Marcus (Trey) Moreman, DO

Hometown: Auburn, Alabama
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:  There are multiple reasons for why I chose Greenville. First, and most important to me, I wanted to attend a program that trained residents to become competent and confident physicians while maintaining an appropriate work-life balance. I believe Greenville does a great job of this and it can be seen on the faces of their residents. Secondly, during my interview, everyone I encountered was so welcoming and made me feel very at home. It was clear to me that the faculty has a true passion for teaching, and I knew I wanted to learn under physicians of that caliber. With multiple residency programs and now a medical school, GHS offers a great learning environment while remaining a close-knit program. And last but not least, Greenville is an awesome town with a lot to do on your off weekends! ...more

William Sanders, DO

Hometown: Monroe, Louisiana
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:   I chose Greenville as my first choice for internal medicine for many reasons. I remember it was my first interview. It was way back in October, not long after interview season opened. The first contact I had with the residents was at the pre-interview dinner the night before. I immediately noticed that they were all extremely nice and relaxed. I had been given advice that I should look at their demeanor and see if they looked happy. They did. This provided me with a positive gut feeling about the program – aside from the many great things about the “small city” feel of Greenville and how the program teaches and caters to each individual resident’s needs – which carried me through the rest of interview season. I had several choices upon finalizing my rank list. USC-Greenville is an academic residency with a close-knit feel, happy residents, and solid teaching that will allow me to achieve my goals in internal medicine residency and fellowship. These are the reasons why USC-Greenville was the clear winner, and I am excited to grow here as a physician with my new colleagues. ...more

Megan Simmons, MD

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine

Why I chose Greenville: Greenville was my last stop on the residency interview trail and by that time, I had reluctantly accepted that I would have to sacrifice some of the things I wanted from a program wherever I chose to go.  I was dreading ranking the programs because I felt that I needed all of the following in residency to become the skilled and well-rounded physician I hope to one day be: a balance between independence and supervision such that I could truly practice medicine while learning from those with experience how to better my skills and acquire new ones; adequate experience to foster proficiency in both inpatient and outpatient medicine; opportunities to perform and become proficient at procedures (including intubation); and, resources that allow residents to get involved in meaningful research.  After my interview with Prisma Health, I felt confident that I had not only found a program that satisfied all of these needs but also one in which I felt a sense of belonging and community.  My choice for number one on the rank list was effortless after this and further solidified by the realization that Greenville, SC was a place I really wanted to live. ...more

Amber Stola, MD

Hometown:  Beltrami, Minnesota
Medical School: University of North Dakota

Why I chose Greenville:   I chose Greenville because I was impressed with every aspect of the program. When I visited to interview, everybody was kind and genuinely enthusiastic about helping me learn everything I needed to know about the program. Every resident I talked to was happy, both with the program and with their work/life balance. The Program Director was clearly very invested in the program, and emphasized the importance of identifying the residents’ individual learning styles and facilitating teaching methods that enables everyone to succeed. I knew as I walked out of the building after my interview day that Greenville was a place where I would be able to work, learn, and live well. Finally, as if I needed any more confirmation that GHS was the place for me, there is a Starbucks in the hospital. Talk about icing on the cake! ...more

Daniel Temas, MD

Hometown:  Winston Salem, North Carolina
Medical School: University of South Carolina, Columbia

Why I chose Greenville: I chose GHS because of the people and the location. Speaking with the faculty and staff has shown a welcoming and community-oriented environment. The hospital system offers exposure to a wide variety of patient populations and diverse pathology. They also offer a lot of opportunities to do procedures, which I enjoy. The city of Greenville offers numerous excuses to get outside, go to festivals and events, or try new food and drink. ...more

Mashala (Shay) Temas, MD

Hometown:  Royse City, Texas
Medical School: University of South Carolina, Columbia

Why I chose Greenville: I chose GHS because my conversations with the faculty, staff, and current residents felt incredibly authentic. The faculty seemed genuinely invested in resident education and there was a sense of family within the resident class. They were also very upfront about being willing to accept me and my husband as a couple, which was most important to us. Beyond the good relationships at the program, Greenville as a city was nothing short of a perfect fit. People were friendly and it was the perfect size – big enough to have the things we wanted including the minor league baseball team near downtown, and small enough to avoid the excessive congestion of a big city. The proximity to camping, hiking, and biking was also important to me. Overall, I felt GHS was a good fit because of the relationships I found there and the location in a city I could enjoy on my few days off. ...more

Bailey Wooten, MD

Hometown:  Columbia, South Carolina
Medical School: University of South Carolina, Greenville

Why I chose Greenville:  Attending USC School of Medicine Greenville gave me the unique opportunity to work closely with the Greenville Internal Medicine residents during my clinical years as a medical student.  When I began my third-year Internal Medicine rotation at GHS, I was amazed by how welcomed I felt by all the residents I encountered and their eagerness to engage and mentor students in patient care.  I was equally impressed by the intelligence, compassion, and friendly nature of the faculty. It was obvious from my very first day of rotations that this program provided residents with a strong clinical foundation in a collaborative and encouraging environment. I went into the residency interview process knowing Greenville was the program to beat. Though I tried terribly hard to keep an open mind, I found that Greenville always came out on top when I considered everything I wanted in a residency program. I am confident that completing my residency at GHS will provide me with exceptional clinical training and a supportive program that fosters residents and faculty dedicated to providing the highest standard of care. Not to mention, the beautiful city of Greenville is truly a hidden gem. I couldn’t be happier to continue to call Greenville my home, and complete my residency in such an amazing city! ...more