3rd Year

Jeff Chilcote, MD

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Medical School: University of South Carolina, Greenville

Why I Chose Greenville: I couldn’t be more happy to be a part of the Prisma Health System.  Being a graduate of the medical school here I can attest to how wonderful the health system truly is. I enjoyed my rotations thoroughly, but was especially drawn to the field of medicine. I was particularly attracted to the family atmosphere that was provided by the faculty and house staff of the Greenville Internal Medicine Program.  Following my interview, I knew that I wanted to stay in Greenville and join this family.  Furthermore, living in Greenville is an added bonus.  My wife and I love spending time with our kids at Paris Mountain State Park and exploring all the other awesome places Greenville has to offer. I know that this program  will equip me with the education and skills to provide patients with the care they deserve. ...more

Clayton Coleman, MD

Hometown: Mobile, Alabama
Medical School: University of South Alabama

Why I chose Greenville:   When exploring different residency programs, I looked for several key elements that I thought would best prepare me to be a competent physician after training as well as make this experience an enjoyable one.   Greenville’s Internal Medicine program fit the bill with several of those characteristics.   First off the relationship between the residents was very strong and really felt like a team that got along well and enjoyed working with each other.  Secondly, the relationship between the house staff and faculty seemed great and it felt like the faculty was very driven to give the residents the best educational experience possible.  Greenville Memorial Hospital is part of a large health system that brings in a wide variety of pathology and people from different backgrounds which makes it a great place to train and learn.   Finally, the city of Greenville is an up and coming place with a thriving downtown making it a great place to relax and unwind during these busy times as a resident. ...more

Stephen Crawford, DO

Hometown: Haddon Heights, New Jersey
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteo Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:   I was able to do a rotation in Greenville prior to interviewing, and I loved it.   Getting to know the residents, and hearing how much they enjoyed being a part of the program was huge for me.  Greenville not only offers a great education, but a family of residents that fosters what’s learned academically.   Aside from the program, the city itself is an awesome place to spend free time.   ...more

Gabby DiMattia, DO

Hometown: Safety Harbor, Florida
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteo Med

Why I chose Greenville:   For me, choosing Greenville was one of the easiest decisions I have made.  Throughout the interview season, it was the only program that checked off all of my boxes.   Any residency is undoubtedly going to be difficult, so it was important for me to find a program that I knew would support me along the way.   From the moment I met Dr. Dendy and staff, I knew that their top priority was to ensure the success and well-being of their residents.  Every person I met was welcoming, down-to-earth, and available to help me with anything I needed.   I had the opportunity to participate in rounds during my interview day which allowed me to see the dynamic between the interns, upper level residents, medical students and the attending.  I was particularly impressed with the knowledge the residents displayed as well as the entire team’s friendly and supportive demeanor.  In addition, my husband and I had the opportunity to explore the area before and after the interview.  We were blown away with how beautiful Greenville is.  In our free time, we love trying new delicious food and exploring parks with our two dogs.  When we saw how many restaurants were downtown and how dog-friendly the city was, we knew choosing this program was a no-brainer! ...more

Chris Eckman, DO

Hometown: Conway, Arkansas
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) – Carolinas

Why I chose Greenville:  When interviewing at Greenville Memorial Hospital, the thing that immediately stood out to me was how happy and sociable the residents were.  The faculty and staff were friendly, down to earth, and seemed very interested and invested in the education of their residents. The moderate-sized program allows a close-knit and collegial environment, while the hospital provides large exposure to a diverse patient population and a wide variety of pathology.  Greenville has everything you could want or need without the hassle of a larger city.  There’s a great downtown area, it’s very outdoor-oriented, and is close to Asheville, Atlanta and Charlotte.  I chose Greenville because of the exceptional training and the people.  I am excited to get started with my internal medicine residency! ...more

Jon Hendrie, MD

Hometown: Wixom, Michigan
Medical School: University of Kentucky

Why I chose Greenville:  I chose the GHS IM Program for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, I wanted a program that was large enough to offer the resources, infrastructure, and benefits of a major health care system, yet small enough to feel like a close-knit family.  What I didn’t want was a program where the residents couldn’t tell the interns apart from the applicants at interview dinners.  That certainly wasn’t the case at GHS (or PRISMA Health now). From all of my interactions with the staff, residents, and program leadership, I loved how everyone was so supportive, friendly, accessible, collegial, smart, and down-to-earth.  Kristie Stone was very helpful with setting up my interview and Dr. Dendy showed genuine interest in getting to know me while I was there.  The program has had a lot of success with board pass rates, job placement, and fellowship match. Plus, I learned the residents get a lot of procedures and face time with attendings since there aren’t any fellows.
Another important factor in my decision was finding a residency that placed value on resident work-life balance.  Residency is inevitably long hours and hard work, but the program at GHS does a great job of providing their residents with the support they need to be successful during their training.  I ranked GHS number one and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  The hospital has modern facilities, friendly staff, great benefits, and Chil-Fil-A (RIP cholesterol).  Plus, the city of Greenville drew me in from the moment I arrived.  The downtown is charming, the food/brewery scene is fantastic, the cost of living is affordable, and the people are so nice!  It’s a great community situated less than half a day’s drive from Asheville, Knoxville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Columbia, Charleston, and Savannah!  If you’ve read this far, come see for yourself! !

Adam Isaac, MD

Hometown: Belcher, Kentucky
Medical School: University of Kentucky

Why I chose Greenville:   Going into the interview process, I wanted a program with a relatively small class size so that I could get to know my fellow residents and faculty, but still wanted to be in a hospital system large enough to see a high level of acuity and wide breadth of pathology.   I was looking for a place to live that offered opportunities to enjoy the outdoors on days off, and was also hoping to find a place that remained close to the beloved Appalachian Mountains I grew up in. Greenville checked all of these boxes and many more I didn’t realize I had until I visited.  The southern hospitality and view of the mountains in the distance made me feel at home immediately.  Hearing about the sick, under-served patient population reminded me of what I had grown accustomed to in rural Appalachia and during medical school at the University of Kentucky.  Each of the interviewers knew my application well, didn’t rush, and made an effort to show they cared about me on a personal level.  During the interview process, the residents were approachable and displayed evidence of a solid work-life balance.  The residents were matching into impressive fellowship programs annually, choosing a wide range of career paths, and the smaller class size seemed to provide ample opportunities to find mentors.  Ultimately though, it came down to the people as many say it does.  Residents, faculty, and folks we simply walked by on the tour were vibrant, friendly, and gave the impression that they enjoyed working in Greenville and wanted more people to join them.  I’m thrilled to be part of such a culture and blessed to have the opportunity. ! ...more

Hamza Khan, MD

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Medical School: University of South Carolina, Columbia

Why I chose Greenville:   I grew up and went to college in Charleston, medical school in Columbia; therefore, moving to Greenville seemed like the logical transition for someone who wants to practice medicine in this region.  I want to give back to the community that has afforded me so many opportunities.  One of the many reasons I chose Greenville was because what I heard from fellow medical students who rotated through the Internal Medicine program here.  They spoke highly about the dedication to quality patient care, inclusivity, and passion for teaching among the residents and attendings.  All of these qualities were affirmed during the dinner and subsequent interview day as collegiality and comradery were the prevailing themes among all of my faculty and resident interactions.  Dr. Byrd’s enthusiasm for global health is similar to what I wish to pursue with helping the under-served people here and abroad.  Dr. Dendy’s passion for an innovative medical education curriculum along with her friendly and welcoming nature absolutely sold me that this is the right program for me.  Furthermore, Greenville offers the perfect combination and resources of an academic center with feeling of a small program.  I am thrilled to begin the next chapter of my medical training with the most competent, well-trained, and compassionate group of faculty and residents!
Despite being a Gamecock fan, choosing the Upstate/rival territory for my future training was an easy decision.  I love the outdoors and Greenville has numerous opportunities for running, hiking, camping, and basketball.  I truly believe Greenville is a hidden gem with all that it has to offer including the great outdoors, vibrant arts scene, and fantastic restaurants.

Chris Miles, MD

Hometown: Hazlehurst, Georgia
Medical School: Mercer University

Why I chose Greenville:   As someone who lived in the small town of Hazlehurst, GA for most his life, Greenville seemed like the only choice.  Most academic centers can be found in major cities which come with it the major problems of large cities such as traffic, high rents, and limited space.  Greenville still is small enough to have a small town feel, but it is big enough to have the amenities of a large town such as incredible places to eat, immaculate parks, minor league baseball, and a multitude of places to meet up with friends.   However, you still get the volume of patients as a major city due to the large net that Greenville Memorial encompasses in upstate South Carolina.  The residency also has great benefits such as meal plans, which come in handy when Starbucks becomes your official coffee maker.  Upper levels here build a team culture which helps you succeed and excel as a future upper level yourself, and with this training, you can become a resident who can help lead the next class as well. ...more

Bill Sessions, MD

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Medical School: Texas Tech University School of Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:   I chose Greenville because it was a program that would give as much to me as I did to the program. It is a place that truly has resident learning and well-being as a top priority.  Having lived in Texas my whole life, I had not planned on moving out of state until my wife (who matched OB/GYN here) and I came to Greenville and realized that it provided the best environment for us to develop as young physicians.
The city of Greenville is very hip and outdoorsy, it reminds me of many cities in Europe where people can easily walk across the city (it takes about 35 minutes to walk from the hospital to downtown).  The city and program work well for us because they provide top-notch training while also simplifying life during a busy residency.

Jake Sivils, MD

Hometown: Madison, Mississippi
Medical School: University of Mississippi

Why I chose Greenville: I chose the Greenville Internal Medicine Residency Program because of it’s well-established academic reputation, family atmosphere, and exposure to hands-on subspecialty care in a community setting.  The most important aspect to me while I was on the interview trail was whether or not I felt like I could fit in well with the residents and faculty at the program.  When I interviewed at GHS I felt like I was right at home; all of the residents and faculty were welcoming and genuinely interested in me as a person.  Additionally, it was clear to me that the residents were all very happy and felt well-supported by the faculty.  I also appreciated that the program at Greenville offered a smaller, community-based training program while still retaining a heavy focus on academics and research.  It seemed to be the best of both worlds.
Finally, I wanted to go to a program that was in a good location, and you cannot get any better than Greenville, SC!   Greenville is a beautiful city, has plenty of outdoor trails and parks, restaurants, music festivals and concerts, and is within driving distance of several other major cities.  Most importantly though, I felt that Greenville would offer the best job opportunities for my wife who is not in medicine.
Overall, it was the combination of all of these great qualities that led me to choose the
internal medicine program at Greenville, SC.

Darryn Winter, DO

Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan
Medical School:   Michigan State University College of Osteo Med

Why I chose Greenville:  I had the pleasure of working with the amazing staff, residents, and faculty physicians during a month-long away rotation during my 4th year of medical school.  During this experience, I was exposed to a plethora of patient presentations, procedures, practice changing and evidence-based didactic topics, and attending physicians truly passionate to teach.  Most importantly, I left with a sense that the residents truly enjoyed being a part of this program, spending time with each other, and had a work-life balance that I wanted for my family.  Not to mention, the area of Greenville is absolutely gorgeous!   I was able to visit two really fun downtown festivals, the community farmers’ market, numerous delicious restaurants, and multiple lovely parks during my stay.  It became an easy decision for me and my family to choose Greenville! ...more