Ambulatory Education

The Internal Medicine Clinic is a busy resident primary care practice housed within the Greenville Memorial Hospital complex. Throughout their residencies, our Internal Medicine and Med-Peds residents will care for a panel of adult patients with a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions.

Internal Medicine Clinic Features

  • On-site diabetic educator, clinical pharmacists and social workers to provide a multi-disciplinary team approach to ambulatory care
  • Anticoagulation management service
  • Close proximity to hospital laboratory, radiology, emergency and inpatient services
  • Completely electronic medical record (EPIC) for notes, labs, prescriptions and phone calls
  • Staffed by highly qualified and award-winning clinician-educators in general internal medicine and Med-Peds

Residents generally have a one-half day of clinic per week where they see their own continuity patients. In addition, each year our residents will complete 2 four week long ambulatory medicine rotations.

Not only do they care for their regular continuity patients during these rotations, but the residents also see patients for episodic acute care and specialty care visits. This ambulatory medicine block also incorporates educational experiences in off-site specialty practices.

Off-Site Specialties

  • ENT
  • Mental health
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics

The goal of this rotation is to provide our residents with a broad ambulatory experience in multiple settings in order to develop competence and confidence in managing a variety of conditions effectively.

In addition to the required ambulatory medicine blocks, our residents are able to participate in a variety of ambulatory electives that emphasize different aspects of ambulatory medicine. Two and four-week electives are available for the internal medicine and Med-Peds residents.

Available Electives

  • Women’s health
  • Addiction medicine
  • Sports medicine
  • Private practice