Chief’s Corner




Patrick D. Kent, MD
Hometown: Florence, SC
Undergraduate: Clemson University
Medical School: Rosalind Franklin University/Chicago Medical School


Why I chose Greenville: I visited Greenville once in high school, and I never got over my love for the city. I even convinced my wife to get married here during medical school site unseen. It’s a beautiful city surrounded by enough nature to get lost in every once in a while; I also love the downtown area and the outstanding cultural opportunities that seem to expand weekly (at least during non-Covid times).
As for the residency and hospital, I’ll echo a predecessor of mine when I say that I found the residents here to be entirely devoid of pretense and instead to be quite playful. Working a tough inpatient schedule didn’t seem so bad if I would get to do it with kindred spirits and generally helpful people, and that’s exactly what I found to be true.

Professional Interest: Cefadroxil

Fun fact (or facts) that people don’t know about me:  My wife (Jillian) and myself are well into cocktail creation and curation.  I hope to name my own cocktail one day.  I love infectious disease as a future professional field as well as for it’s potential to be an unceasing source of pedantry on rounds.  I am the South Carolina region seven Tang Soo Do champion for 1993, which is also about the same time in childhood as I got bit by a snake.  I think that mostly explains my athleticism — I have the martial arts training of a five-year-old in karate and the spirit of a now-deceased, non-venomous serpent.

Also, I’m taller than Wes.




Wesley Smith, DO
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
Undergraduate: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Go Mocs!)
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine


Why I chose Greenville:  My wife and I couples matched here and we really loved our interview day and the city itself. We stayed downtown and it was beautiful, and I vividly remember how active downtown was. We loved the vibes of the program and it was an easy choice to come here. We have really enjoyed getting to explore all of Greenville and all of the restaurants. You’re able to go hiking and outdoors at Paris Mtn and can also hike on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The hospital has also been fantastic. I’ve had a great education and feel very well trained and ready for independent practice. I have been able to be involved with research and easily find mentors.

Professional Interest:  Hematology and Oncology

Fun fact (or facts) that people don’t know about me:   My wife (Kayla) and I are big foodies and have been to a handful of Michelin three-star restaurants (which has been amazing). We love to travel and want to continue that lifelong. I have two boys (Isaiah, Caleb) who are a lot of fun but definitely keep me busy and active. I nearly majored in philosophy in college and took a lot of advanced courses.

Also, Patrick may be taller, but so was Bryon Russell when Jordan broke his ankles on the way to knocking down the game-winning jumper in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.  So there’s always that.