Continuity Clinic Experience

Our residency continuity clinic is the Internal Medicine Clinic (IMC). Our practice provides care for a wide variety of medically complex adult patients and is conveniently located within the Greenville Memorial Hospital complex. Patients whom the residents have treated in the hospital will often follow up in this practice. Our clinic has been in existence over 20 years and cares for multi-generational families. This practice is well-supported by a dedicated nursing staff, medical assistants, social workers, a dietician, financial counselor, lab technician, pharmacists, and attending physician clinician educators. Subspecialty clinics are also held on a rotating basis, allowing residents to see their continuity patients with care needs alongside the subspecialty attending physicians. Our residents also have ample opportunity for ambulatory medicine experiences in a variety of other settings during their elective months. Our program provides educational experiences in all the major medical subspecialties and general internal medicine in satellite offices, medical center clinics and private practice settings.

Ambulatory Curriculum

All residents do two blocks of ambulatory clinic each year of residency. During this time, residents will split their time amongst continuity clinic, episodic clinic (i.e. acute care visits), and an assortment of specialty clinics. Each resident will have a panel of patients they serve as the primary care provider for throughout their three years of training.

Residents will also have continuity clinic days while on electives and non-inpatient services. Very rarely do residents have outpatient continuity while on their inpatient services (MTS, CCTS, CTS, etc.) which allows residents to focus on their inpatient patients and duties. 

Specialty clinics take place in the exact same building as the continuity clinics. Attendings in those designated specialties (i.e. cardiology, dermatology, rheumatology, etc.) all come to those clinics where the residents are able to work with the specialists and see specialist level of care, consults, ongoing management, and follow-ups on a weekly basis. We also have an addiction recovery clinic in our clinic through which residents have the opportunity of rotating through. We offer a multi-disciplinary diabetes clinic with pharmacists through which residents will also work and learn what other disciplines have to offer in counseling and medical care.

Ambulatory education has a dedicated Friday didactic session for the whole residency once every block that coordinates with the specialty topic of that block but with a more outpatient focus. We incorporate both attending driven discussions, literature and guidelines updates, as well as resident given talks. Separate discussion sessions for those residents on their ambulatory block also occur 1-2 times each month to cover various topics.


Meenu Jindal, MD

Medical Director, Internal Medicine Clinic

Associate Professor of Medicine, University of South
Carolina School of Medicine-Greenville

I am extremely fortunate to be a part of Internal Medicine Residency program in Greenville for last 15 years. My passion lies in working with our residents in various settings, especially in the Internal Medicine Clinic (IMC). In my role as the medical director of IMC, I strive to create a highly educational primary care experience for our residents in collaboration with our excellent GIM attendings, staff and administrative team. IMC is established as a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and provides various resources for our patients. Our highly skilled team at IMC coordinates the care of our patients and assists our resident physicians in addressing the socioeconomic barriers their patients face. With my specific interest in behavior change and care coordination for chronic disease management especially for underserved populations, I seek to create opportunities for various quality improvement and research projects for our residents. Notable amongst past and current projects are motivational Interviewing training for health care providers, SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) for substance use disorder, patient centered motivational interviewing based diabetes support group, exercise is medicine program implementation, mindfulness for physical inactivity, depression and opioid use disorder, programs to address food insecurity and shared decision making for colorectal cancer screening. SAMHSA SBIRT grant, American Cancer Society colorectal cancer screening grant and Greenville Health Authority Mindful Greenville Project grant are some of the major funding we have received for respective projects. Recently IMC has received an advanced PCMH initiatives grant as well, which will further empower us to provide access to resources for our patients. These projects have also laid the groundwork for scholarly activity for our residents including abstracts, posters and oral presentations at local, regional and national meetings as well as manuscripts.

Clinic Staff

The Internal Medicine Clinic is truly a unique medical home with a multitude of resources to not only support the residents in caring for their patients, but also in providing many resources and opportunities to our patient population in order to help them overcome barriers to care. Below are brief bios and explanations of the types of resources and support roles found in our clinic.

Deborah Leonard

Hometown:  Columbus, IN

Position at IMC:  Adult/Geriatric NP     Deborah functions as a physician extender and can follow-up with resident clinic patients on many medical problems but focuses on annual wellness visits, episodic visits, hospital follow-ups, as well as follow up visits for DM, HTN, and any other types of visits needed.

How long you’ve been at IMC:  Since September 2014

What you like best about working at IMC:  In addition to being part of a great team, I enjoy talking with our patients and figuring out ways to assist them with their health goals.

Our residents are divided into four (4) resident clinic teams during their training. Each team has a designated RN and scheduler assigned to the residents. During residency, you will be the PCP to an assigned panel of patients. Additionally, you will also see patients of other residents on your clinic team when they are not in clinic, much as private practice partners cover for each other. This divides up the patient pool and provides for more continuity. Each clinic team RN knows their patients very well and assists in supporting the residents and providing more continuity.

Beth Hudson

Hometown:  Williamston, SC

Position at IMC:  RN – Beth is one of 4 RNs that is assigned to one of the clinic teams. She assists the residents with providing complete care of their patients, including refills, scheduling, triages, results, questions and any other patient needs.

How long you’ve been at IMC:  9 years

What you like best about working at IMC:  Her favorite thing about working at IMC is the family atmosphere.

Cindy Crowe

Hometown: Anderson, SC

Position at IMC:  RN with Team B

How long you’ve been at IMC:  5 years

What you like best about working at IMC:  I love caring for my patients every day. I try to take the time to listen to them and find ways that I can help make a difference in their lives.

Kris Grover

Hometown: Clymer, NY

Position at IMC: Team D Nurse, Mom and/or Friend. Assist Doctors with their patients on all aspects of ambulatory care. From triages, F/U phone calls, refills. To everyday life at the clinic. Helping with orders, discharging patients, reviewing meds and communicating. We will get through the day learning something new, growing and laughing. (and sometimes tears)

How long you’ve been at IMC: 3 years (18 years as a nurse)

What you like best about working at IMC: I love my doctors and the family atmosphere at IMC!

Heather Renner

Hometown: North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Position at IMC: RN for Team C

How long you’ve been at IMC: 5 years

What you like best about working at IMC: I love everyone that I work with. IMC is a great team and we are like family. I have been a nurse for a long time, and this is by far the best nursing job I have had.

We have many other support staff including, but not limited to, pharmacy technicians, laboratory technicians, medical assistants, dietician, social worker, financial assistance, medication assistance, and counseling.

Amy Abdalla, LBSW

Hometown:  Greenville, SC

Position at IMC:  Social Worker; I assist with all social needs for our pts-housing, transportation, food insecurity, domestic violence, abuse and neglect, NH information, resource information, etc.

How long at IMC: 28 years

What I like best about working at IMC: The camaraderie of the staff.  There is always someone to help or ask for information.  I also like working the patient population. 

Shawn Hughes

Hometown: El Paso Texas

Position at IMC: Lab Coordinator specimen collections and processing, manuals along with quality control and credential inspections, POC testing

How long at IMC: 11 years

What I like best about working at IMC: I enjoy the teaching we bring not only to the residents and students but to our patients as well. The lab may be the last stop of our patients visit but the impact that is made by each team member during their visit is what keeps our patients coming back every time. We make the difference here at IMC.

Rebecca Wilson

Hometown: Greenville S.C.

Position at IMC:  Master Scheduler, don’t let the name fool you.  My main responsibility is to create and build the residents schedules for our clinic.  It is a big puzzle and I gradually help put the clinic part together.  Trust me it takes a tribe of all of us working together from the chiefs, medical director, residency coordinator, their assistance, the program directory, and then me. 

How long you’ve been at IMC: 4 years

What you like best about working at IMC: Watching the residents grow in their journey of becoming a doctor.  I also love watching them find out their calling to either Internal Medicine provider, hospitalist, or working towards specializing in a specialty.  Some of the best doctors come from our program.

Kathy Goodson

Hometown:  Military Brat, All over

Position at IMC:  Pharmacy Technician II – Assist Dr’s in getting information on medications for patients; handle sample; answer RX refill line; work with Mary Spraggins on getting uninsured patients medication.

How long you’ve been at IMC: 8 years

What you like best about working at IMC:  My fellow employees and helping our patients with their medications.

A newer part of our clinic is the Recovery clinic which is run by Dr. Alain Litwin (Vice Chair of Academics) along with his support staff (see bios below). Residents will have opportunities to rotate through and even do extra elective time for those with more interest in the Recovery clinic.

Carrie Baldwin, FNP

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Position at IMC:  Recovery Program Nurse Practitioner

How long you’ve been at IMC: Since February 2020

What you like best about working at IMC: The people I work with!

Michelle Bublitz

Hometown: Duncan, SC

Position at IMC:  I am one of the NPs that work in our addiction clinic. We treat Opioid use disorder.

How long you’ve been at IMC: Since October 2018

What you like best about working at IMC: I like that we have so many resources under one roof to help patients. Also, we have the best employees who always go above and beyond for each patient.

Gabrielle Moss

Hometown: Rock Hill, SC

Position at IMC: Clinical Counselor representing the Phoenix Center (Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate (LPC-A)

How long have you been with IMC:  Since 2019

What I like best about working at IMC: Coming from a behavioral health background, I enjoy the new perspective that comes from working in a medical setting. The IMC staff and providers value interdisciplinary approaches and utilize community resources to ensure patients are being cared for in a larger scope.