Educational Series & Conferences

A structured series of noon-time conferences and a half-day didactic lecture series are offered to complement residents’ individual study and patient care experience.

Noon report

Weekly conference in the format of a traditional “morning report” in which residents present cases admitted to the teaching services over the last week providing discussions amongst peers and faculty.

Noon Teaching Conferences

In the remaining noon teaching conferences, full-time faculty members conduct conferences revolving around educational series and relevant educational topics such as:

Mortality and Morbidity

Led by the Vice Chair of Quality, the M&M conferences provide a protected environment to explore the safety and quality of the care we provide. In addition to reviewing individual patient cases, system and process improvement topics are selected for discussions and education and have included interprofessional panels and selected subspecialist speakers.

Pulmonary X-Ray Conference

Conference that includes a review of patient’s relevant radiographic findings.

Program Director Update

Monthly conference for internal medicine residents and faculty only. Residents also have an opportunity to give feedback to faculty on teaching service activities.

Journal Club

Faculty-led discussions reviewing recent articles and discussion of article critique methods.

Afternoon Didactic Series

Every Friday afternoon, 12:00-2:30 a protected educational time without clinical duties and with minimized interruptions is offered.  Multiple formats are utilized including interactive lectures, flipped classroom, small group sessions and simulation. Led by both general and subspecialty faculty, the content follows a specialty specific topic for the block. The third Friday of the block is reserved for ambulatory topics and QI projects related to continuity panels of patients.

Grand Rounds

Each Friday morning, our residents, faculty, and students gather to learn from both visiting speakers and internal experts on topics that advance our understanding of internal medicine issues.