Medical Student Perspectives



Harry Hicklin, MS4


Although I always thought that I would end up pursuing a residency in Internal Medicine, my decision wasn’t final until after finishing the 3rd year Internal Medicine clerkship.  My experience in the clerkship was outstanding, and my interactions and discussions with attendings helped me learn so much.  However, I attribute much of my success in the clerkship and my continued interest in Internal Medicine to the residents who I interacted with, day and night.  I can say without hesitation that each resident that I worked with took an interest in my education, and even during busy times made a point to teach me.  After finishing my 4th year of medical school, I realize what an important role residents play in the experience that medical students have during their hospital and clinic rotations.  I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with so many people who cared so much about medical student education.



Julia Robison, MS4


The Internal Medicine residents at Prisma Health are incredibly bright physicians. They have consistently shown themselves to be go-getters who are interested in both the art and the science of the discipline. They are also fun and welcoming, fostering an environment of collegiality and camaraderie which embraced the students rotating through. Many among them made lasting impressions on me, inspired me and mentored me. It is because of them that I know what kind of resident I want to become in the near future.



Mary Katherine Montes de Oca, MS4


The internal medicine clerkship was one of the highlights of my third year of medical school, and the exceptional faculty and residents played an influential role in making the rotation a success. I instantly felt welcomed as a part of the team and was encouraged to become involved with the management of our patients and take responsibility for the care of our patients. The residents took time out of their day each day to go over the notes we had written, differential diagnoses, and treatment plans. By practicing my thought process and presentation with the residents, I was able to gain confidence in my ability to verbalize my thought process on rounds. The residents also gave us mini-lectures on important topics that are essential to internal medicine. The faculty and residents spent ample time teaching during rounds and always added valuable advice on going the extra mile to treat our patients. One of the unique qualities of this program is the friendly and open environment which emphasizes teamwork and a positive attitude in order to be the best physicians possible for patients



Wes Gillette, MS4


During my time on the internal medicine rotation, the resident physicians I worked with were some of the best teachers I had all year. It was easy to tell that medical student education was a priority for them because they always made time to teach and never missed an opportunity to involve students in patient care.