Graduate Retrospectives

Ahmer Ansari, MD

Hometown:  Greenville, South Carolina
Medical School: University of South Carolina School of Medicine -Greenville

This program means the world to me.  Ever since I was a medical student here, I was thoroughly impressed by the culture of this program and quality of each of the residents. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this wonderful program and it was my first choice in the Match.  My experience has been beyond my wildest expectations. The supportive environment and academic framework let me flourish both professionally and personally.  I’ve formed life-long friendships with the residents in the program, our wonderful administration, and our awesome ancillary staff.  I’ve learned the latest evidence-based guidelines to help guide my practice.  I’ve been supported in all extracurricular activities, which promote resident wellness.  At the completion of this program, I feel ready to practice independently as a physician and to work to improve our current healthcare system.  Coming to this residency program has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  ...more

Morgan Diven, MD

Hometown: Chapin, SC
Medical School: University of South Carolina School of Medicine – Greenville

When I think about my time as an internal medicine resident at Prisma Health Upstate over the past 3 years, I think of the word “growth”. The health care system experienced a large moment of growth as it merged with our colleagues in Columbia. All our residency programs experienced growth in their relationship with USC School of Medicine Greenville. But most importantly, I experienced my own personal, professional, and academic growth. This residency program provided the supportive environment and resources to foster this change. The community I have developed here both personally and professionally will be hard to replicate in the future. I feel incredibly well-prepared to move forward with my career in internal medicine. ...more

Rhett Grinstead, MD

Hometown: Cornelia, Georgia
Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine

I have enjoyed living, working, and learning here since the moment I stepped on campus for my residency. It is just different here. The support we receive as residents is unmatched and the relationships I have developed with faculty and staff are lifelong. Everything I was told about this residency program has proven to be true. My experience at Greenville Memorial exceeded all my expectations in so many ways. The attendings we have the opportunity to work with are always willing to do whatever they can to help us, but we are given a great amount of autonomy which I feel has been instrumental in my development as a physician. I am excited to continue to call Greenville my home for the foreseeable future! ...more

John T. Herion, DO

Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina
Medical School: Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Medicine residency in Greenville has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. From the outset it was clear to me that our program was built around collegiality. We are lucky to learn from incredible physicians, across all specialties, who give us the autonomy we want with the oversight we need. Our office and support staff are kind and warm and my co-residents are some of the finest people I have ever met. I could not have imagined a better place to learn and grow over three years. I know that I am well prepared for fellowship and my career in medicine, but most of all I am excited for the personal and professional relationships that will continue to grow for years to come. ...more

Nick Kennedy, DO

Hometown: Winter Park, Florida
Medical School: Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine

I knew from the pre-interview dinner that this program was a great fit for me. The culture here is a great balance between academics and quality of life for the residents. Since my intern year there have been several changes to the curriculum and schedule which show that this program is very active in looking for ways to improve. The attendings are great and personable, the hospital is beautiful, and the program itself is structured in a way that I think fosters a great balance between inpatient, outpatient, and specialty medicine.
Being in Greenville was also a huge plus for me. Greenville is a special place that my family and I have decided to call our long-term home. My son and dog love the park located downtown and my wife and I love main street for date nights.
Leaving residency is truly bitter-sweet. Of course, I am excited to start my career in outpatient internal medicine at a nearby practice; however, I am sad to leave all the great people I have met over the last 3 years. I will cherish my time at Greenville Memorial Hospital and hope the upcoming generations enjoy this ride as much as I did.

Patrick Kent, MD

Hometown: Florence, South Carolina
Medical School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University

The internal medicine residency at Prisma Health represents the perfect balance of autonomy and support. I would 100% choose to pursue my medical training here a second time. My wife and I have loved our three years in Greenville, SC and hope to spend many more here. Though I underwent my undergraduate medical education in Chicago, the personality of this residency fit perfectly and I highly recommend this program to both our local medical students as well as those interested from far away. I expect that the education and quality of the Graduate Medical Education and residency will experience further improvement as we look to continue a tradition of collegiality and excellence. I cannot overemphasize how fulfilling these last three years have been, and I am happy to have the chance to stay around for more. ...more

Matthew McGhee, MD

Hometown: Milledgeville, Georgia
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia

All residency programs have ups and downs. I would like to think that our program has far more ups than downs. We have a program that truly cares for the education and the well-being of the residents. If you have a particular interest, it is well catered to. We have great attendings who love to teach. Our conference schedule is not overbearing. We have an overall positive atmosphere, everyone is very close, so the work never feels punishing since you are with friends. Greenville as a town is also one of the most fun places I have lived in, and though I am moving away I will surely come visit again in the future. Overall, it is great place to train and I would recommend to anyone. ...more

Romela Petrosyan, MD

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Medical School: University of Central Florida College of Medicine

It has been a privilege to train at the University of South Carolina, Prisma Health—Upstate. The supporting and challenging environment of my residency training allowed me to engage in limitless opportunities from practicing excellent patient care to clinical research to health care policy to serving on the Board of Trustees for the state medical society. The commitment and dedication of our attendings inspired me to be a leader in medicine, to be closely involved in the education of our medical students and become a mentor. I am grateful for the skills provided me to be an outstanding Internist and for supporting my aspirations to become an academic Nephrologist. I am beyond excited for the initiation of fellowships that will further enhance the innovation and research of the Internal Medicine department and Prisma Health. Their addition will challenge the boundaries of medicine and strengthen the team dynamics. ...more

Wes Smith, DO

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial DeBusk College of Osteo

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in residency here in Greenville. It has been a great place to learn and has molded me into the physician I am today. I have been surrounded by great teachers both in internal medicine and all of the various subspecialties. The biggest thing for me has been the camaraderie between all of the residents and staff. We genuinely love working with each other and have developed lifelong friendships that I will take with me for life. Residency has gone by so quickly and I can’t imagine spending these three years anywhere else. ...more

Wesley Sorrill, MD

Hometown: Wheaton, Illinois
Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

The Internal Medicine residency program at Greenville Memorial Hospital was a good experience for me. The faculty are enjoyable and good educators, program leadership was very interested in our education and always willing to make changes. It was overall a very positive environment to work in. The work life balance was as good as I could have hoped for during residency. I am very happy to be staying on at GMH as a hospitalist. ...more

Kizer Stovall, MD

Hometown: Irmo (Columbia), South Carolina
Medical School: University of South Carolina School of Medicine – Greenville

If I had to choose a residency program again I would choose Prisma Health Internal Medicine Residency program. I initially chose it for the amazing residents and faculty members. The residents treated me like one of their own when I was a 3rd and 4th year medical student, and always showed up early to review the plan with me. Not only did they prepare me for residency, they became my forever friends. The comradery is blissfully amazing and super supportive which makes our program, in my mind, the best program in the country. The city is amazing because you can have the country lifestyle with horseback riding and farming and within 20 minutes be in the vibrant active downtown.
On a personal note, Greenville became my home and has been a wonderful and supportive teaching environment. I was tremendously blessed to get my first choice in the match process, receive a phenomenal education, and have continued mentorship as I begin in my practice.