Med-Peds Chief Resident Message 2019-20

Welcome to the Prisma Health – Upstate Med-Peds Program! Although I grew up only 4 hours away in Raleigh, North Carolina I had no idea that Greenville, SC even existed. Coming down here on a whim during my 4th year of medical school showed me what a well-kept secret Greenville was. I am so glad I made that first trip down here; since then I have not wanted to leave.

I was struck by the focus on resident learning and how highly confident and capable our residents were in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Now that I am on the other side, I recognize that the quality of training here is world class. Our residents have done truly amazing things both during their time here and beyond, including developing an advanced physical exam course for the medical school; publishing original research; winning health system, state, and national awards; traveling independently to work in a Kenyan hospital; and pioneering change through quality improvement projects in multiple areas of the hospital and clinic.

Our Med Peds program is medium sized, among medium sized categorical programs. This allows us to have a significant presence on both the pediatric and internal medicine sides, ensuring that our voices are heard and that we are well integrated into both sides. At the same time, the “identity” of Med Peds is well preserved with weekly program wide Med-Peds noon conferences (with a fantastic board review series), regular ‘switch parties,’ quarterly journal clubs, semi-annual workshops. Our program leadership is energetic and constantly looking for ways to improve and ensuring our needs are met. We have developed a robust mentoring program that enables you to customize your career pathway towards your personal goals, with the assistance of both program leadership and current and former co-residents.

At the end of the day however, you will be trained well wherever you go. Early in my interview processes, I remember struggling to think of how to choose a program that was right for me. Though I knew there had to be objective criteria by which I could judge programs, I quickly realized that these criteria do not exist. What make Prisma Health – Upstate truly special is its people. The community here is fantastic; between our program leadership and all of our resident classes, we have built a close-knit, supportive group that enables our program members to be dynamic, innovative residents while delivering excellent patient care on both adult and pediatric sides. The Med Peds presence in the community is impressive, with multiple Med Peds subspecialists, the Med Peds Hospital in Greer, and several Med Peds Primary Care practices offering significant opportunities to supplement your training and broaden your horizons.

The City of Greenville is a fantastic place to live and is currently undergoing a period of rapid growth. It has all the conveniences of a big city without the associated headaches, from a thriving fine arts scene, NCAA basketball tournaments, to nationally recognized festivals. It’s unique location places it within a short distance to the surrounding mountains, the beach, and several large cities.

I hope you take the chance to visit Greenville, and see everything it has to offer!


Ranjan Banerjee, MD
Prisma Health – Upstate Med-Peds Chief Resident 2019-20