Med-Peds Chief Resident Message 2020-21

Hello all!  Welcome to our Med-Peds program at Prisma Health – Upstate in Greenville, South Carolina.   I graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville.  I am incredibly thankful to have been given the opportunity to remain here to continue my training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. 

I will start with a quick, absolutely unbiased, opinion of Greenville.  It is incredible. There are amazing food options for the foodies.  Great coffee for the barista wannabes (myself included… I am writing this from one of my favorite spots, Methodical at The Commons).  We are a quick trip to the North Carolina mountains where I love to fly fish.  For the runners, bikers, rollerbladers (it’s back I guess) and hover boarders, the Swamp Rabbit Trail runs through our downtown and to the outskirts of Greenville, by some great restaurants and breweries if you can handle this while trotting.   

My hope in residency was to continue to develop the skills required to be a great physician, the tactile abilities for procedures, the knowledge to thoughtfully and efficiently approach problems and the compassion and humility to care for our patients.  Simply put, I wanted to learn how to think and perform like the Hippocratic physician. I know that it can be difficult to elicit the true character and identity of a program in an interview (or note like this), but I cannot express the gratitude I feel to be able to work alongside and learn from my attendings, residents, medical students, staff and patients here in Greenville.  Though, I will happily try when we meet (virtually of course).

Each year our graduating residents step confidently into new roles whether into fellowship, hospitalist medicine, primary care, or academic leadership.  Both our pediatric and medicine departments provide pertinent and thought-provoking lecture series taught by our faculty.  Our Med-Peds residents meet together every Thursday for lectures ranging from board preparation to discussions around the social determinants of health to resident check-ins to discuss our physical, emotional and mental well-being.   Our journal clubs ensure that our learning does not stop at graduation but that we sharpen our ability to critically assess the dynamic literature in our fields. 

A particularly special part of this program is the Med-Peds community that remains intimately involved in our training.  In addition to working at Greenville Memorial Hospital (our tertiary care teaching hospital), we have the opportunity to work in a community hospital (Greer) which is uniquely run by Med-Peds hospitalists.  There are numerous Med-Peds primary care offices within Greenville where we see the ins and outs of a community practice.  We also have Med-Peds trained subspecialists many of whom have an interest in the transition period (from pediatric to adult care) in their specific area of expertise. These close relationships allow for mentorship in all career paths.  And, if you are not yet sure which direction you want to go (you did in fact choose to do both internal medicine and pediatrics), our mentors will walk alongside you in this too.

Essential to our training here is the recognition and understanding of the broader context of health.  In this year, we are repeatedly reminded of the social, racial and economic disparities of health that have only been magnified in the face of this pandemic. Addressing these issues cannot be accomplished simply through mandatory lectures or online modules, but rather requires active and interested partners.  I feel honored to work alongside and learn from colleagues and faculty that do not sit idly by in times like these but rather unabashedly strive towards equity for all.  That is not to say we have arrived.  But, essential to personal and communal growth is vulnerability and a deep desire for change, and our residents continue to demonstrate exactly this.   

I believe in the power of story, that our lives shape and mold us all in unique and beautiful ways.  I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and learn a little about yours!

If you have any questions about our program I would love to talk.  Feel free to email me at


Quinn Hunt, MD

Prisma Health/UofSC School of Medicine Greenville Med-Peds Chief Resident 2020-21