PGY-1 Residents: Class of 2024

Our Med-Peds residents are a very cohesive, hard working, and fun-loving group of individuals. What attracts residents to our program is a desire to work hard and learn in a supportive, welcoming environment with excellent teaching. The Med-Peds residents fit very well into the medicine and pediatrics categorical programs here and are well-respected by the faculty. Our Med-Peds residents have a diverse range of interests within Med-Peds, but all share a dedication to making this program the best it can be. Our residents are very interested in helping others to learn more about our program, so please feel free to contact them by email.

Brewer Nick_MD

Nicholas Brewer

Hometown: Columbus, MS

Undergraduate: Mississippi State University, B.S. in Biochemistry, Magna Cum Laude
Graduate: University of Mississippi Medical Center, Doctor of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: Being in the outdoors – whether hiking, fishing, gardening, playing tennis, or walking along the Reedy River with my wife and our dog is one of my favorite hobbies. I’m also a passionate fan of Mississippi State sports and Liverpool FC.

Future Career Plans: Fortunately, Med/Peds prepares its residents for multiple career paths, three of which I am still heavily considering. My plans are to either practice primary care in a rural community, be a Med/Peds hospitalist, or continue my training post-residency in a Pediatric ICU fellowship.

Why I chose Greenville: The two most important things for me on the interview trail were the culture of the program I would be joining and the learning opportunities that would help me grow into a competent physician. From my first interaction with the faculty and residents here, I knew that the culture of the program was one that emphasized community and uplifting one another. I was also drawn to the opportunity that residents have to do procedures they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to perform at other institutions. These facts, combined with the chance to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the Southeastern United States, made Prisma Health an easy choice for residency training.

Gross Kelly_MD

Kelly Gross

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Undergraduate: University of South Carolina- Columbia, B.S. in Public Health
Graduate: University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy hiking and traveling to new places, especially ones with historical significance like the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina. I love dancing (for fun or fitness), exploring local coffee shops, and absolutely anything that involves food! I also like spending time with my friends and church community.

Future Career Plans: I’m not entirely sure what my future holds, but I imagine myself practicing both adult medicine and pediatrics. I want to teach residents and medical students in addition to my patients. I am hoping for a mix of inpatient and outpatient experiences. I’d like to participate in global health opportunities as well. I am most interested in infectious disease, heme-onc, or cardiology if I had to choose a subspecialty at this time.

Why I chose Greenville Med-Peds: I fell in love with Greenville during medical school and couldn’t think of a better place to continue training. Greenville offers experience in a rich academic institution and in smaller community settings. I can learn in a full spectrum of clinical environments from an amazing group of faculty that truly want to cultivate well-rounded physicians able to practice anywhere, any time, and with any age. Physician and patient wellness is clearly at the heart of the program, and it’s easy to see that residents are valued and supported here. The program promotes a culture of teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration that I think leads to outstanding patient care. I have great respect for the partnership with USC School of Medicine Greenville, and I am excited to develop my skills as a clinical educator and also have access to wonderful technology and simulations. Greenville itself has become my home, and I believe it has something for everyone. There is no shortage of outdoor activities, nearby hiking, a bustling arts community, and tremendous restaurants–not to mention it’s beautiful, family/pet-friendly, and proud of the local culture and businesses.

Hughes Brenham_MD

Brenham Hughes

Hometown: Hickory, North Carolina

Undergraduate: University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Graduate: Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

Hobbies/Interests: Board/Card Games, Trivia, UNC Basketball, Horror Movie Marathons, Discovering new music, Peanut Butter & Jelly

Future Career Plans: In typical Med-Peds fashion, I have yet to make a concrete decision on a future career. At this point, I know that I am interested in working in academic medicine in either a clinical or combined Med-Peds hospitalist setting.

Why I chose Greenville for Med-Peds: During an atypical interview season, Prisma did a great job making me feel welcomed and clearly stood out among other programs. All of the faculty members and residents I “met” during the virtual meet-and-greet and interview day took extra steps to make sure I felt valued. Seeing the residents interact with each other, I knew that they genuinely cared for each other and worked to make each other better. As a resident, I wanted to work in an environment where everyone’s diverse strengths were highlighted and utilized to improve patient care. The residents and faculty here personify the “work hard, play hard” mantra, and residents are not only valued for their medical knowledge, but for their abilities to interact with and care for others too. After moving to Greenville, I was extremely grateful (yet not surprised) that the Med-Peds family that everyone talked about on interview day was as genuine as they made it seem.

Iassc Dillon_MD

Dillon R. Isaac

Hometown: Blackville, SC

Undergraduate: Claflin University – Major in Biology, Minor in Chemistry
Graduate: Duke University – Masters of Science in Biomedical Sciences, USCCOMG – Med School

Hobbies/Interests: I’ve been interested in fitness and nutrition since I was in high school, particularly bodybuilding. However, during my time studying abroad in Australia, I took my interest to new heights. Upon leaving Australia, the new habits persisted, and I participated in a bodybuilding competition. This has been a meaningful hobby and outlet for me throughout medical school as I built discipline and made personal progress, even inspiring family and friends to take ownership of their fitness and nutrition lifestyles. I look forward to maintaining this habit throughout my residency training.

Future Career Plans: Currently, I’m leaning towards pursuing fellowship opportunities in Adolescent Medicine or Infectious Diseases. I also have an interest in primary care.

Why I chose Greenville: When considering residency programs, I felt confident I’d receive comprehensive Med-Peds training at many of my choices. It was when I spoke with a close mentor and friend when all the pieces came together. He confirmed that all my options were great but advised me to choose where most feels like home. Greenville crossed my mind without hesitation. Throughout my medical school training. I fell in love with the city, hospital campuses, and the clinical teaching faculty. We were exposed to taking comprehensive patient histories and practiced an abundance of hands-on skills from the start. During my acting internships, I felt well-prepared to complete my duties while remaining coachable and learning from my preceptors. When considering where to continue my training, I knew choosing Prisma Health was the right choice to take my medical competencies and training further–it simply felt like home. Greenville and Prisma Health have everything I want and need.

Miller Renee_MD

Renee Miller

Hometown: Luling, LA

Undergraduate: Xavier University of Louisiana, B.S. in Biology minor in Chemistry
Graduate: University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Honors and Awards:
Distinction in Community Health 2021
The Dean Brenda D. Lee Award 2021

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, ranging from hiking, dancing, playing tennis, or binge-watching Netflix together. I also enjoy home decor shopping in my spare time (or if I’m just stressed). I’m firm believer in retail therapy. Being from right outside of New Orleans I am also a foodie and love trying new restaurants and coffee shops. You will likely catch me brunching on my days off.

Future Career Plans: I am interested in combined Hospitalist. However, I also like the idea of maybe doing a fellowship in congenital cardiology and being able to take care of both adults and kids with congenital heart disease. I would also love to continue being involved in medical education and community advocacy.

Why I chose Greenville for Med-Peds: Short answer, it just felt right. The 2020 residency interviews were difficult to navigate given the virtual nature. I noticed that Greenville did an awesome job of portraying a family centered and supportive atmosphere even through the screen. I felt like I could completely be myself from the first time I met the residents and faculty. The attention to resident wellness, diversity, and teaching here stood out tremendously for me.
Also, there is always something to do in Greenville. The weather is great, and the mountains and beach are both only short drives away. I also love how unique and diverse the food scene is here too. I love being able to try a new restaurant every week when I can.

Snooks Joseph_MD

Joseph Snooks

Hometown: Springfield, GA

Undergraduate: Georgia Southern University, Major in Biology and Minor in Chemistry
Graduate: Mercer University School of Medicine

Hobbies/Interests: I love spending time with my family especially if it is outdoors. One of my favorite activities is fishing with my two sons. I like cooking and grilling. I also love to travel and explore new places. I have always enjoyed playing and watching sports especially baseball and golf. Weightlifting is a fun way for me to stay active, but with so many options in Greenville, I look forward to adding hiking and running to my list of workouts.

Future Career Plans: I am very interested in primary care especially in a rural and underserved area where I am needed most. The beauty of pursuing med-peds is that my training will allow me to explore many unique ways to effectively carry out my dreams. I will be able to tailor my career to meet the specific needs of whatever community I am in.

Why I chose Greenville for Med-Peds: Throughout the interview season, I had a difficult time trying to get a good feel for where I would fit in best. I was always told by other residents it is just a gut feeling. With our interviews being virtual I was worried I would miss out on really getting to know residents, faculty, and program leaders. I was also very nervous about moving my family somewhere we had never been. I interviewed with Greenville early on and was immediately blown away. It was hands down my best experience from beginning to end and I found myself comparing all my other interviews to Greenville. The meet and greet with the residents was extremely relaxing and I truly felt like they wanted to know me better. They had clearly read all the applicant bios and they were so thorough with their questions and the conversations felt very natural. I remember finishing up with them the night before the interview and saying to my wife “these are my people.” I was in awe of how down to earth the Program Director and Associate Program Directors were. I also loved how many med-peds trained faculty are all around Greenville. I had only heard great things about the city, so I began following the social media pages for the residency programs as well as different business and city visitor guide sites. My wife and I decided to take a trip up to Greenville at the end of the interview season as I was making my list. We spent the weekend downtown exploring new restaurants and walking down to the beautiful Falls Park on the Reedy, and we immediately fell in love. I already knew the hospital and program were a great fit and I would get some of the best Med-Peds training, and after seeing how amazing Greenville was I knew exactly where I wanted to be.