Fellowship Opportunities

Nationwide, approximately 25% of Med-Peds residents seek post graduate fellowship training and this is true of our program at Prisma Health Upstate.   Residents from our Med-Peds program compete for and match with competitive fellowship programs in Med-Peds, Peditatric, and adult fellowship programs.  Approximately 25% of graduates since our program’s inception have matched into fellowship including Endocrine, Hematology/Oncology, Adolescent medicine, Neonatology, and Pediatric Intensive Care.   Pictured above is Jill Sullivan, Prisma Health Med-Peds class of 2015, who completed a Hematology/Oncology fellowship at Duke University with an interest in adolescent and young adult cancer survivorship.

Jeremy Loberger, Prisma Health Med-Peds class of 2017 is currently in the second year of a Pediatric Critical Care fellowship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and has this to say about his expereince with us:

“Looking back, I really had no idea what I needed when I interviewed for residency. I certainly had no idea I would do fellowship in pediatric critical care. However, I could not have trained in a better place. Greenville will equip you to do whatever you want, in whatever place you chose. You will be a well rounded Med-Peds physician. Greenville has this fantastic, and almost unnatural, combination of a large academic medical center and small community hospital. There are very few fellows, so you will work directly with your attendings in the complex and simple patient scenarios alike. Hands-on is an understatement. You will experience graduated autonomy that will mold you into a confident physician and team leader. Equally important is the focus on wellness and family. I have been able to step into a large academic center with a free standing children’s hospital without missing a beat. That isn’t a statement about my abilities, but about the training I received in Greenville. I can’t give the Med-Peds program a high enough recommendation!”

Our program director, Dr. Kolarik is fellowship trained himself and served as a fellowship director for a combined Med-Peds General Academic Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh before coming to Greenville.  Dr. Kolarik is a knowledgeable resource and mentor for residents interested in fellowship training.  In addition, we have a number of Med-Peds trained specialists among our faculty who also serve as important faculty mentors.  Prisma Health also currently offers a Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship that is directed by Scott Annett, MD, Prisma Health Med-Peds class of 2011.

For residents interested in gaining additional research skills during residency,  Clemson University’s Departments of Public Health Sciences and Mathematical Sciences, in collaboration with Prisma Health Upstate, is now offering a graduate-level Certificate in Clinical and Translational Research. The goal of this program is to enhance clinical and translational research capabilities of clinicians, research support staff, and other health professionals. The program will be delivered via evening classes at University Center Greenville (UCG) in South Carolina and are free of charge to the resident.  Additionally, all of our residents complete quality improvement or research projects during residency, with results presented at regional meetings.

Our Med-Peds, Internal Medicine, and Pediatric fellowship matches since 2011 are listed below:


2018 Katie McQueen, M.D. Individually designed combined adult and pediatric Hematology/Oncology – Louisiana State University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA
  Ryan Paulk, M.D. Allergy/Immunology – Barnes Jewish Hospital at Washington University, St. Louis, MO
2017 Jeremy Loberger, M.D. Pediatric Critical Care  – University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
2015 Jill Sullivan, M.D. Hematology/Oncology – Duke University, Durham, NC
2014 Mike Guyton, M.D. Adolescent Medicine – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City, NY
2013 Matt Nicholson, M.D. Endocrinology –  Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA

Categorical Internal Medicine

2018 Rachel Quaney, M.D. Pulmonary/Critical Care – Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Michael Haden, M.D. Infectious Diseases – Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Sheena Henry, M.D. Rheumatology – University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
2017 Richard O’Neal, M.D. Hematology/Oncology – University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Sean Kitch Palliative Care – Mountain Health Health Education Center, Asheville, NC
2016 Tim Maddux, M.D. Cardiology – Augusta University Hospital, Augusta, GA
Max Rappaport D.O. Endocrinology – University of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN
Travis Sizemore, D.O. Rheumatology – University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Darion Showell, D.O. Hematology/Oncology – Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) at Charleston, SC
2015 Gabriel McCoy, D.O. Hematology/Oncology – Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC
James T. McClain, M.D. Hematology/Oncology – East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
2014 Justin Atwood, M.D. Pulmonary/Critical Care – University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
2013 Alfred C. Hurley, M.D. Cardiology – Aurora Healthtcare, Milwaukee, WI,
James Gerard Lennon, D.O. Hematology/Oncology – Lankenau Medical Center, Wynnewood, PA
Nickolas Michael Tyris, M.D. Rheumatology – Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
2012 Christopher J. Vaughan, M.D. Pulmonary & Critical Care – Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Categorical Pediatrics

2018 Grace Twitty, M.D. Neonatology – University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Torie Winningham, M.D. Neonatology – University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock, AR
Eric Bankert, D.O. Sports Medicine – Greenville Health Systems, Greenville, SC
2015 Rachael Davis, M.D. Pediatric Hematology/Oncology – University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Britni B. Maple, M.D. Neonatology – UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX
2014 Bryan J. Eriksen, M.D. Neonatology – Augusta University, Augusta, GA
Stephen C.  Martin Pediatric Hematology/Oncology – Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health
Eric K. Ring, M.D. Pediatric Hematology/Oncology  University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
2013 Caroline B. Buchanan, M.D. Developmental Behavioral Peds – Greenville Health Systems, Greenville, SC
2012 Kristie Leigh Bragg, M.D. Pediatric Infectious Disease – University of Florida at Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL
Melissa D. Garganta, M.D. Pediatric Endocrinology – Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN