Welcome from the Program Director

Thank you for your interest in the Prisma Health Med-Peds residency training program. I joined the Greenville Health System, now Prisma Health in 2008, and I could not be happier to be a part of this amazing program. Having been involved in academic Med-Peds for my entire career, I can say with confidence that our program has all of the essential elements for a truly outstanding Med-Peds residency training experience.

Our residents participate fully in two excellent categorical programs and have their own well-established and unique identity as Med-Peds physicians. Our residents here are also very fortunate to be able to learn in a friendly, state-of-the-art facility with tremendous teaching faculty in both departments.

Additionally, our hospital system has recently opened the doors to one of the newest four-year allopathic medical schools in the United States, The University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville. This new medical school provides many opportunities for our residents to teach medical students in a variety of settings and will foster an even stronger academic environment for our already outstanding clinical and teaching programs.

My primary aim as program director is to provide a balanced and comprehensive Med-Peds educational experience that will lead to a wide variety of rewarding career opportunities for our residents. I am very committed to mentorship and career development for my Med-Peds residents. I also have experience as a former Med-Peds fellowship director that will help ensure success for our residents with an interest in fellowship training or academic medicine. I am confident that Med-Peds residents graduating from our program will have a full range of career opportunities available to them. Additionally, as a Med-Peds trained physician myself, I am very interested in providing a variety of Med-Peds specific educational activities such as weekly Med-Peds noon conferences, as well as journal clubs and workshops.

We are also fortunate to have a large group of Med-Peds trained faculty within Prisma Health including hospitalists, primary care physicians and specialists who are actively involved in the education and mentorship of our residents. As of 2017, we have over 30 Med-Peds trained faculty within the Prisma Health System who interact with and teach our residents.  I have also been involved with Med-Peds at the national level, having served as President of the National Med-Peds Program Directors Association in 2013 and currently serving as a Med-Peds Member of the ACGME Review Committee for Internal Medicine. I believe that Med-Peds is an incredibly valuable training pathway and I enjoy advocating for Med-Peds at the national level.

If you are considering a career in Med-Peds, I encourage you to come take a look at our program. Greenville, SC is a wonderful place to live and work. The greater metropolitan area of Greenville and its surrounding suburbs have a population of over 800,000 people, and the ten-county Upstate region of South Carolina we serve tops 1.4 million. Our city was recently featured in National Geographic MagazineThe Wall Street Journal and the New York Times as one of the top places in the world to visit! You may be surprised by all that Greenville has to offer.

Thank you for your interest,






Russ Kolarik
Med-Peds Residency Program Director
Prisma Health Upstate
Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville
Member, ACGME Review Committee for Internal Medicine