Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship-Greenville

Welcome to the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Fellowship Program at the Greenville Health System (GHS). Advances in laparoscopic surgery and endoscopic surgery are rapidly changing the practice of surgery. MIS focuses on providing patients with:

  • Less invasive approaches to traditional surgical problems
  • Less Pain
  • Better Cosmesis
  • Earlier Recovery

The fellowship program at GHS strives to provide patients with the latest technology in minimal access surgery and educate the region in advanced laparoscopic techniques.

Your training will incorporate both didactic education and technical instruction in the areas of general surgery that are amenable to minimal access techniques. When you finish our program, you will be well equipped to utilize laparoscopic and endoscopic approaches in hernia, foregut, solid organ pathology and bariatrics.

You will possess the skills to provide the latest surgical technology to your patients in any general surgery practice.

Alfredo M. Carbonell ll, D.O.
Alfredo M. Carbonell ll, D.O.
Program Director
Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship Program