2nd Year Residents

Nada Ahmed, MD

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Hometown: Cumberland, RI
Medical School: Baqai Medical University

Why I Chose the Upstate: During interview season the Neurology program at Prisma Health Upstate quickly became my top pick. Everyone I met here had a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for the incoming class of residents and they have all tirelessly worked to provide us with all the resources that we need for our training. What struck me the most about the program was how nice everyone was and their emphasis on bringing together a team of people who also prioritized camaraderie, positive attitudes, and a supportive work environment. Getting to be part of both the Greer and Greenville campus is also great and adds to the diversity of clinical experiences that you are exposed to. I am lucky to be part of a program that really cares for its residents and I am excited to be a part of the legacy class of neurology here at the Upstate!

John Hanna, MD

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Hometown: Greenville, SC
Medical School: University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville

Why I chose Greenville: I was fortunate enough to experience their neurology department at Prisma Health during my clinical years of training in medical school here in Greenville.  Throughout my rotations I had the opportunity work alongside physicians who provided the highest quality of healthcare by cultivating community among patients, providers, and students.  They fostered with a me a desire to pursue the study of neurology it continually pushed me to be the best physician I could be.  My experiences with the neurology staff as well as all Prisma Health staff I have interacted with has greatly shaped my desire to stay here in the area.  I also have the benefit of having lived in Greenville for nearly a decade and am continually amazed by everything the area has to offer.  My wife and I are still finding new restaurants to eat at, new friends to spend time with, and new activities to do here in the upstate.


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Hometown: Lubbock, TX
Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

Why I chose Greenville: When interviewing in Greenville, the atmosphere and city reminded me of home. Growing up in a small town in Texas, I knew that I wanted to train in an area that had a small town feel, but had all the opportunities of a larger city. The area is beautiful and very family friendly. Taking my family from Texas and across the country was a big step; however, they have loved the city allowing the transition to be beneficial for both myself and them. We have enjoyed the many lakes nearby and state parks. My experience with the faculty and other residents was positive on my interview day. Everyone I met was welcoming and genuine. After the interview day concluded, I knew I could be successful at Prisma Health, and I knew that the program would set me up to become the best physician I can be.


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Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Medical School: Saint James School of Medicine, Anguilla

Why I chose Greenville: In deciding where to complete my residency training, it all came down to that gut feeling that you get on interview day. Not only did this program have highly trained faculty, but the camaraderie amongst faculty, residents, and staff was evident from the very beginning. There was a clear enthusiasm from all ends to get this program off the ground and the faculty displayed a genuine interest in resident education and success. I knew that a new program would provide me with a unique opportunity to work closely with attendings and how resident feedback would be truly valued. As someone that is still exploring my post-residency plans, I also valued the early exposure this program provides to both inpatient and outpatient subspecialty experiences. Perhaps most importantly, I appreciated how our program director was a huge advocate for resident wellness and maintaining the work-life balance. My medical training has taken me to various parts of the world, but the Upstate strikes the ideal balance of a small town with big city feels. It is truly a beautiful place with plenty of great restaurants, outdoor activities, and tons of culture and diversity. I couldn’t be more excited to be here as a part of the legacy class and I look forward to seeing the growth this program experiences in the coming years.

Sarah Zaheer, MD

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Hometown: Ontario, Canada
Medical School: Dow University of Health Sciences

Why I Chose the Upstate: During my interview at this program, the people and location stood out right from the start. There is a culture of camaraderie that is apparent in the staff and a warmth in the people that you interact with-which reminds me of my hometown. The location was a bonus. I am used to living in big cities. But after seeing Greer for its small-town charm, while having access to the beautiful downtown of Greenville, it made me realize that this would be a great place to train in while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Not to mention Greenville’s great food scene and the unlimited outdoors surrounding it offers. It is an exciting opportunity to be part of a new program and grow alongside it all the while learning under its exceptional faculty. It is also wonderful to see that the faculty and staff actively advocate for their residents’ wellbeing and success. They make the difference by going above and beyond to not only support our professional lives but also our personal lives. When I’m not at the hospital, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, trying new food, exploring the outdoors/ hiking, Piloxing and watching Netflix. I look forward to training in an institution that allows me to have good exposure to interesting pathology as well allowing me to treat my patients with the utmost compassion.

Kaneez Zahra, MD

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Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
Medical School: Punjab Medical College

Why I Chose the Upstate: Having lived in Vancouver I grew fond of the greenery, the trails and the mountains. Of all the places I interviewed , this charming city of Greenville, with its quaint size and the rich natural beauty surrounding it, reminded me most of my hometown. Already happy with the location, on interview day I found those involved with the Neurology department had me from the first moment I met them! I could not shake the warmth and hospitality shown to us. Being the inaugural group of residents in the Neurology program, I was mightily impressed with the attention to detail in designing the curriculum and the lengths at which the department had gone to address resident well being. With Prisma Health’s state of the art facilities and a stupendous faculty, there is no doubt that the Neurology residency program will grow leaps and bounds in the coming years and I am extremely glad to be a part of it.