The Obstetrics and Gynecology residency program utilizes the ACGME Milestones Evaluation System, which encompasses specific behaviors, attributes or outcomes in the six general competency domains (listed below) to be demonstrated by residents during residency.

Evaluation System

  • Residents are evaluated in each of the six ACGME core competencies:
    • Patient Care and Procedural Skills
    • Medical Knowledge
    • Professionalism
    • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
    • Practice-based Learning and Improvement
    • Systems-based Practice
  • At the conclusion of each four-week rotation, residents are evaluated by the faculty in a global evaluation form.
  • Medical knowledge is assessed by performance on the in-training exam given each January and by ongoing assessments during each rotation.
  • Twice yearly, each resident has a formal evaluation with the program director or associate program director in which the following are reviewed: milestone evaluations, faculty feedback, case logs, and timeliness of completion of administrative duties.
  • At the conclusion of each rotation, residents complete anonymous evaluations of the faculty members they worked with and of the rotation itself.
  • Twice yearly, residents evaluate the residency program as a whole.
  • Promotion to the next academic year and to graduation are contingent upon attainment of appropriate milestones, demonstrated by satisfactory evaluations. If a resident is not meeting level-appropriate milestones, our goal is to identify issues early and provide a remediation plan that will allow for on-time promotion whenever possible.