Current Projects

Elective Induction of Labor in Nulliparous Women: A Survey of Provider Practices and Beliefs
Meredith L. Aragon, MD

Patient Satisfaction of ERAS Perioperative Protocol in GYN-Oncology Surgery
Shaina H. Long, DO

Impact of the “39 Week Rule” on Maternal Outcomes: A Statewide Analysis
Caroline (Anna) C. Cochrane, MD

Effects of ERAS on Post-operative Milestones in Benign Gynecologic Surgery
Morgan P. Merriman, MD

Impact of the “39 Week Rule” on Neonatal Outcomes: A Statewide Analysis
Ryan J. Batson, MD

The Effect of ERAS on Narcotic Utilization in Gynecologic Surgery Post-operative Care
Dylan C. Solise, MD