Prisma Health Obstetrics and Gynecology Robotics Curriculum

The robotic surgery program at Prisma Health arrived in Sept. of 2010 with the acquisition of our first robot. In the first full year, 370 robotic surgeries were performed with the majority of the procedures being done by gynecologists. With the adoption of robotic technology by thoracic surgery and urology late in 2011, a second robot was needed and acquired in Jul. of 2012. By 2013, 677 robotic surgeries were performed.

Currently, there are six general gynecologic surgeons, three gynecologic oncologists and two urogynecologists who routinely utilize these systems.

As additional surgeons adopt this technology and the surgical marketplace becomes more and more permeated with these techniques, resident familiarity and participation in these cases are more critical than ever. This proactive approach to resident education will ensure not only that our patients at GHS are adequately cared for but also that our graduating residents possess a well-rounded and functional knowledge of this technology, giving them the flexibility to incorporate this surgical modality into their practice after graduation.