Evaluation Process

Evaluation of Performance

The performance of orthopedic residents is monitored closely by faculty. Individual resident evaluations are assessed at the completion of each rotation. All residents (PGY-2 through PGY-5) are required to participate in the Orthopedic In-training Examination (OITE) program administered by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons each fall.

Education and Assessment of Core Competencies

The residents receive appropriate education regarding the core competencies. This is done through evaluations, conferences, surgery, the annual OITE exam and special meetings/lectures. Each member of the academic staff is responsible for one of the core competencies to evaluate its implementation and to ensure compliance. Some of the ways the competencies are implemented and assessed are:

Medical Knowledge

  • Required readings
  • Journal Club
  • Conferences, grand rounds
  • Inpatient supervised rounds
  • Surgery
  • In-training exam

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

  • Attending observation and evaluation
  • Participation in randomized multi-center studies
  • Evidence based learning in Journal Club
  • Performance feedback and role modeling activities
  • Resident presentations

Patient Care

  • Attending rounds/evaluations and observations
  • Social worker/case management participation
  • Daily radiographic and patient care reviews
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Clinical teaching and patient care experiences
  • Academy sponsored skills courses
  • Telephone triage with attending and nursing staff


  • AAOS Principles of Medical Ethics and Professionalism conferences
  • Performance feedback and clinical teaching
  • Patient management
  • Challenging case conferences
  • Role play

Systems-Based Practice

  • Cost-effective care through example in both private and academic settings
  • Mortality and Morbidity Conference
  • Case management issues with patients
  • Lecture series covering these issues

In addition to the core competencies, the residents will also be evaluated based on milestones provided by the ACGME. Each of the milestones will be evaluated bi-annually by the Clinical Competency Committee (made up of several attending physicians in the orthopedic department). They are charged with evaluating the progress of each resident based on the milestones and determining if they are at the appropriate level for their year and whether or not they should be advanced to the subsequent year.