Greenville Orthopedic Day

  • The department’s annual academic day, with lectures honoring J. Warren White, MD.
  • Dr. White was the first chief surgeon at Shriner’s Hospital in Greenville
  • The event involves prestigious and accomplished guest speakers who come to present didactic material in their area of expertise as well as discuss broader topics related to life in medicine and leadership within the medical community.
  • Greenville Orthopedic Day recurs annually on the third Friday in May.
  • The series began in 1975.


Attendees Invited:

  • Orthopedic faculty, residents, and alumni of the program
  • Personnel from our institution’s OR, office staff, research staff and Nursing units
  • Practicing orthopedic surgeons from across the region

Reverse chronological order beginning with 2021


JW. Thomas Byrd, M.D.

Matthew R. Schmitz, M.D.

· Evolution of Hip Arthroscopy
· Clinical Assessment of Hip Problems- A Surgeon’s Perspective
· Hip Preservation
· Precocious Leadership
2020 Canceled  

Bob Anderson, M.D.

Michael Pinzur, M.D.

· Sports Foot & Ankle Update
· Syndesmotic Injuries
· Charcot Foot
· Diabetic Ankle Fractures

Henry Chambers, M.D.

Tony Herring, M.D.

· Cerebral Palsy: A View from Both Sides
· Pediatric Sports Medicine
· No Limits: The Amazing Adaptability of Children
· Update on Perthes
2017 Bernard F. Morrey, M.D. · Prosthetic  Replacement for Elbow Trauma-A Principle Based Approach
· New Concepts for Definitive Treatment of Refractory Tendinopathy
· Complex Instability of the Elbow Made Simple-Or Can it Be?
· Leadership and Life, A Personal Perspective

Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, M.D.

Amy L. Ladd, M.D.

· Wrist Arthritis: From Reconstruction to Replacement
· Negotiations
· Thumb CMC Arthritis: What we know & how to treat
· Tricks & Tips: Operative, Non-operative, and a Few Tidbits

James R. Andrews, M.D.

Larry S. Bowman, M.D.Jeffrey A. Guy, M.D.

Christopher G. Mazoue, M.D.

· Aspects of Care of the Professional Pitcher
· Consideration in Caring for the Professional Athlete
· Jones Fracture in College Football
· Patella Femoral Disorders in the Collegiate Athlete· Full Thickness Rotator Cuff Tears in Professional Athletes

Dheera Ananthakrishnan, MDB.

Hudson Berrey Jr., MD

· Current Concepts in Spinal Deformity
· Orthopedic Outreach· Amputation Surgery: An Easy Operation to Do: A Hard Operation to Do Right
· Orthopedic Outreach: How to Get Outside Yourself

Douglas W. Lundy, MD

Terrance D. Peabody, MD

· How We Are Responding to the “ACA”
· Successful Orthopedic Group Practice in the 21st Century
· Challenges Facing Orthopedic Resident Education
· Oseosarcoma – Are we Stuck?

Robert T. Trousdale, M.D.

David R. Mauerhan, M.D.

· Joint Salvage Surgery
· Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty· Partial Knee Arthroplasty for Media OA of the Knee: What is its current role?
· National Quality Initiatives: How they affect the practice of orthopedic surgery

Mark E. Easley, M.D.

Mark S. Myerson, M.D.

· The Surgical Management of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus
· The Ankle Sprain That Won’t Heal· Treatment Alternative for Ankle Arthritis
· Treatment of the Cavus Foot

James C. Crews, M.D

Jeffrey W. Mast, M.D

· Postoperative Pain Management in the Orthopedic Patient
· The Use of Regional Anesthesia in Orthopedic Surgery· Painful Hip in the Young Adult
· Observations and Contributions to the Field of Internal Fixation of Fractures

Augusto Sarmiento, M.D.

Shepard R. Hurwitz, M.D.

· The Mythological Foundations of Modern Orthopedics
· Facing the Challenges to Our Profession· Maintenance of Certification (MOC): What you Need to Know
· Performance in Practice