Clinical Training

Our 3-year program offers an intensive curriculum in general pediatrics as well as hands-on experience with all of the core pediatric sub-specialties. Our trainees get to work closely with an outstanding and diverse faculty, who are universally dedicated to providing excellent clinical care and to serving as teachers and mentors to our residents. Our objective is to cultivate confident and experienced pediatricians who will be leaders in their community and their field. Our program is designed to emphasize a different set of skills and learning objectives for each year of training, allowing our trainees to incorporate those skills into the next level of their practice of pediatrics.

First-Year Residents

First-year residents serve as the child’s primary physician. Training during the first year emphasizes the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Additionally, acquisition of basic skills in technical procedures is stressed.

Second-Year Residents

Second-year residents make the transition to supervisors for both medical students and first-year residents during their ward months. They are primarily responsible for overseeing inpatient admissions for both general pediatrics and subspecialties. Elective opportunities allow additional subspecialty experience in the Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center.

Third-Year Residents

The third-year resident has inpatient and outpatient senior resident roles and abundant elective time. The senior resident has primary teaching responsibilities for the medical students, while they continue to acquire more complex medical and technical skills. The PGY-3 serves as the supervisor in the outpatient clinic and takes calls in the PICU, while also serving as the overnight ward (or inpatient) supervisor.

Resident Schedule

Our residents spend approximately 50% of their time in inpatient rotations and 50% in ambulatory settings and electives over the course of their 3 years.  Since the majority of our electives are outpatient clinic based, our residents gain familiarity with the scope of clinical practice of both general and subspecialty pediatricians as they consider their future careers. This also allows for significant flexibility in accommodating resident elective and vacation requests. For residents with interests in inpatient, procedural, or global health medicine, electives can easily be tailored to incorporate more of these experiences.

Sample Schedule:

White = Outpatient and ED months
Yellow = Inpatient and Nursery Month

Residency Tracks

The first year schedule is designed to give a wide exposure to clinical areas in pediatrics including neonatal and pediatric critical care. After the first year of residency, residents choose one of three tracks based on their career interests. With a wide range of elective options and significant flexibility in scheduling, these tracks provide a suggested guideline that allows residents to truly individualize their educational experience and curriculum to match their career goals.

  • Primary care track
  • Subspecialty track
  • Procedure-based/inpatient track