Social Activities

From the day our interns arrive, we want the residency program to feel like a family. This starts with an approachable faculty that our residents come to know on a first name basis, but it extends much farther. Throughout the year, there are both program-supported and resident-planned activities that reinforce the friendships that develop among the residents. At graduation, residents leave with not only excellent clinical skills, but relationships with both faculty and other residents that last a lifetime.

Intern Retreat

During orientation week, incoming interns join their upper levels at a resident-selected local destination. Graduating residents cover the majority of clinical duties so that interns can get to know not only each other but their upper level residents and chiefs. 


Winter Ugly Sweater Party

Mid way through the year, we all need a break! Residents, faculty, and their families get together for a relaxed evening away from the hospital. One year the residents voted program director Dr. Matt Grisham as the winner of the ugly sweater contest….

He wasn’t in costume.

End of the Year Banquet and Graduating Resident Dinner

Two events mark the completion of residency for our graduating class. All faculty and residents gather for the End of the Year Banquet which includes recognition of our graduates, a “roast” of the graduates by the intern and PGY2 classes, and resident awards. The graduating class and their significant others also join faculty they select for a dinner to celebrate completion of their training with the mentors that helped them along the way.

Training the Body as well as the Mind

Embracing the work hard-play hard model, residents and faculty alike take advantage of the many outdoor activities around Greenville. The residents formed a kickball team, the STAMPeds, and an intramural soccer team, the Grisham Goalies, meeting other young professionals in the area. They also take advantage of the many nearby national parks and can be found cycling and running on the Swamp Rabbit Trail that runs through the city.



Life in Greenville

Whether just getting together for coffee, or celebrating holidays and life events together, the friends you make in residency are with you far beyond the hospital itself.