Teaching Opportunities

Regardless of whether our residents go into private practice, academic teaching positions, or fellowships, each of them will have a role as educators. Some may focus on educating their patients and parents while others may be tasked with leading rounds or lecturing to residents and students.

All of our pediatric residents receive training and experience in teaching through:

  • Experience leading informal small group morning talks in the outpatient clinic
  • Experience precepting for outpatient clerkship students in senior “Clinic Chief” month
  • Resident-led Morning Reports and Grand Rounds presentations with support of faculty mentors for both content and teaching style
  • Noon conference sessions dedicated to public speaking and teaching to adult learners
  • Rising PG2 and PG3 retreat sessions covering teaching as an upper level
  • Optional workshops by the Office of Professional Development at U of SC School of Medicine Greenville including sessions on keeping learners engaged and motivated, interactive teaching techniques using technology, factors impacting learning, and meta-cognition.

Residents interested in academic medicine or fellowship have additional teaching opportunities based on their interest. Many residents choose to help lead sessions for the U of SC School of Medicine Greenville senior pediatric boot-camp course or can gain more experience through the Resident Teaching Elective.

Resident Teaching Elective:

  • Run pediatric simulation cases
  • Assist with procedural skill labs
  • Evaluate different teaching styles
  • Identify learner strengths/weaknesses
  • Explore adult learning theory
  • Develop teaching cases and games
  • Get exposure to educational research
  • Design and submit sessions for publication
intensification group picture
intensification elective picture - complex care (1)

One of our former residents, Dr. Kindal Dankovich, took this elective as a PGY2 and developed a neonatal respiratory distress simulation, ran the simulator for the student exercise, led the debrief and feedback, evaluated learner feedback data, and is preparing to submit this project for publication.