Amy Crockett, MD, MSPH

I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and relocated to Greenville in 2007 after finishing my MFM fellowship at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Within our division, I have a special interest in prenatal care and outpatient obstetrics, management of Rh alloimmunization and prevention of preterm birth.

I see the practice of maternal-fetal medicine along a spectrum. Some of us lean more toward the fetal intervention and prenatal diagnosis side of the specialty, but my interest has always been more in managing maternal medical and obstetrical complications of pregnancy. It was this interest in maternal health that led me to earn a MPH during my fellowship. This provided me with tools to improve the health not just of women in my practice, but to use quality improvement tools to improve the population health of all pregnant women in South Carolina. I am very active in state-level maternal child health advocacy, and serve as the clinical lead for the South Carolina Birth Outcomes Initiative. I am also the Vice Chair of the South Carolina Section of ACOG. My favorite job, however is still working on labor and delivery.

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my husband and our four kids. My hobbies include cooking, photography and running.