Adam Isaac, MD

Hometown: Belcher, Kentucky
Medical School: University of Kentucky

Why I chose Greenville:   Going into the interview process, I wanted a program with a relatively small class size so that I could get to know my fellow residents and faculty, but still wanted to be in a hospital system large enough to see a high level of acuity and wide breadth of pathology.   I was looking for a place to live that offered opportunities to enjoy the outdoors on days off, and was also hoping to find a place that remained close to the beloved Appalachian Mountains I grew up in. Greenville checked all of these boxes and many more I didn’t realize I had until I visited.  The southern hospitality and view of the mountains in the distance made me feel at home immediately.  Hearing about the sick, under-served patient population reminded me of what I had grown accustomed to in rural Appalachia and during medical school at the University of Kentucky.  Each of the interviewers knew my application well, didn’t rush, and made an effort to show they cared about me on a personal level.  During the interview process, the residents were approachable and displayed evidence of a solid work-life balance.  The residents were matching into impressive fellowship programs annually, choosing a wide range of career paths, and the smaller class size seemed to provide ample opportunities to find mentors.  Ultimately though, it came down to the people as many say it does.  Residents, faculty, and folks we simply walked by on the tour were vibrant, friendly, and gave the impression that they enjoyed working in Greenville and wanted more people to join them.  I’m thrilled to be part of such a culture and blessed to have the opportunity.