Amber Stola, MD

Hometown:  Beltrami, Minnesota
Medical School: University of North Dakota

Why I chose Greenville:   I chose Greenville because I was impressed with every aspect of the program. When I visited to interview, everybody was kind and genuinely enthusiastic about helping me learn everything I needed to know about the program. Every resident I talked to was happy, both with the program and with their work/life balance. The Program Director was clearly very invested in the program, and emphasized the importance of identifying the residents’ individual learning styles and facilitating teaching methods that enables everyone to succeed. I knew as I walked out of the building after my interview day that Greenville was a place where I would be able to work, learn, and live well. Finally, as if I needed any more confirmation that GHS was the place for me, there is a Starbucks in the hospital. Talk about icing on the cake!