Bill Sessions, MD

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Medical School: Texas Tech University School of Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:   I chose Greenville because it was a program that would give as much to me as I did to the program.  It is a place that truly has resident learning and well-being as a top priority.  Having lived in Texas my whole life, I had not planned on moving out of state until my wife (who matched OB/GYN here) and I came to Greenville and realized that it provided the best environment for us to develop as young physicians.

The city of Greenville is very hip and outdoorsy, it reminds me of many cities in Europe where people can easily walk across the city (it takes about 35 minutes to walk from the hospital to downtown).  The city and program work well for us because they provide top-notch training while also simplifying life during a busy residency.