Chris Miles, MD

Hometown: Hazlehurst, Georgia
Medical School: Mercer University

Why I chose Greenville:   As someone who lived in the small town of Hazlehurst, GA for most his life, Greenville seemed like the only choice.  Most academic centers can be found in major cities which come with it the major problems of large cities such as traffic, high rents, and limited space.  Greenville still is small enough to have a small town feel, but it is big enough to have the amenities of a large town such as incredible places to eat, immaculate parks, minor league baseball, and a multitude of places to meet up with friends.   However, you still get the volume of patients as a major city due to the large net that Greenville Memorial encompasses in upstate South Carolina.  The residency also has great benefits such as meal plans, which come in handy when Starbucks becomes your official coffee maker.  Upper levels here build a team culture which helps you succeed and excel as a future upper level yourself, and with this training, you can become a resident who can help lead the next class as well.