Clayton Coleman, MD

Hometown: Mobile, Alabama
Medical School: University of South Alabama

Why I chose Greenville:   When exploring different residency programs, I looked for several key elements that I thought would best prepare me to be a competent physician after training as well as make this experience an enjoyable one.   Greenville’s Internal Medicine program fit the bill with several of those characteristics.   First off the relationship between the residents was very strong and really felt like a team that got along well and enjoyed working with each other.  Secondly, the relationship between the house staff and faculty seemed great and it felt like the faculty was very driven to give the residents the best educational experience possible.  Greenville Memorial Hospital is part of a large health system that brings in a wide variety of pathology and people from different backgrounds which makes it a great place to train and learn.   Finally, the city of Greenville is an up and coming place with a thriving downtown making it a great place to relax and unwind during these busy times as a resident.