Corin Agoris, MD

Hometown:  Tarpon Springs, Florida
Medical School: University of South Florida College of Medicine

Why I Chose Greenville:  As a Florida native and student there for over twenty-five years, I decided that I wanted to study internal medicine outside my home state in order to broaden my knowledge and clinical experience. I ultimately decided on Greenville Health System because it is an established, highly-ranked program with beautiful facilities and training sites, which possesses  knowledgeable and helpful faculty and residents. The program offers expert training in primary care internal medicine in the hospital setting and outside ambulatory clinics. Furthermore, Greenville provides numerous training experiences among the subspecialties of internal medicine.  The faculty is willing to work with residents on whatever they choose as their final career path. If that were not enough, the city of Greenville is simply amazing with something to offer all types of people. The city has numerous outdoor activities, a vibrant downtown and nightlife, beautiful weather year-round with seasons (we only have hot and hotter where I am from in Florida), and is right in the middle of Atlanta, Charlotte, Asheville, and the Smokey Mountains!