Elena Voronejskais, MD

Hi there! My name is Elena. I am living my dream. For me it’s been a long and winding path to Family Medicine. I was born in USSR, graduated once from a Russian medical school in Western Siberia, and later specialized in Psychiatry in Moscow. At the turn of the century I moved to my new home, Canada. For some time I found myself in molecular biology research at the University of Toronto, working on various projects on S. mutans biofilm formation. But over the years I missed Medicine and contemplated a career in Family Medicine. To make it happen I recently graduated from a medical school again, this time from University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Saint Kitts and Nevis, in beautiful West Indies. For residency I was happy to join my first choice great team of residents, attending physicians and office staff at CFM in the great place to be the city of Greenville, SC. My current project will be testing if I can improve HbA1c of my patients by financial incentives in conjunction with Life Style Medicine compare to Life Style Medicine alone. My husband and I have two boys who like Minecraft, Pokémon and hockey. As a family we like travelling, hiking, swimming and skating. The most distant places we have visited were Rome and Kiev. We would like to visit China, Japan and Korea in the future. In my free time I enjoy reading, knitting, home design, and chocolate.