Humera Hazari, MD

Hometown:  Schaumburg, Illinois
Medical School: University of Toledo College of Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:  As I pondered the perfect residency program for me, the best advice I had received from my mentor is that the kind of people matter more than anything else. I knew I would be closely spending the next few years with them, sometimes more time than with my family or friends… and they will become family over the years as well. First and foremost, GHS/USC School of Medicine Greenville has some of the most supportive residents, faculty, and staff.  The culture is truly something I had not seen anywhere else, it felt right! Everyone here was warm and welcoming since my first encounter. Camaraderie counts, and I was convinced that this principle will always take precedence here. Secondly, I wanted to be at a place whose values resonate with my own. GHS’s mission and its vision reflect my journey in medicine and everything I aspire to be. “Heal compassionately. Teach innovatively. Improve constantly.” I was impressed by GHS’s presence in the community, its truly an impeccable model of care for patients, as well as being strong proponents for medical education! I was always taught that the day you stop learning, is the day you will no longer be a doctor. I was convinced that I would be challenged in this environment to reach my full potential and become the best physician I am capable of being, all while valuing compassion and empathy above all else. I was informed about the research blocks built into the schedule each year, along with many other opportunities residents have utilized to match into fellowships of their choice. Having this academic challenge and encouragement stood out to me as well. Another important factor as I considered residency programs was to live somewhere that is warm, is a mid-size city with a good cost of living, and somewhere I could find activities that I enjoy on my days off. Having spent my life in the Midwest, I finally hoped to take a break from harsh winters. After contemplating large cities to live in during residency, I had realized that it would not be a wise decision on a resident salary. Additionally, it was important to me that I live very close to the hospital and have the shortest and most convenient commute possible. Lastly, I love being outdoors and Greenville and its surrounding cities are truly beautiful. Greenville really surprised me, it is a perfect fit for me in all those aspects!