Jake Sivils, MD

Hometown: Madison, Mississippi
Medical School: University of Mississippi

Why I chose Greenville: I chose the Greenville Internal Medicine Residency Program because of it’s well-established academic reputation, family atmosphere, and exposure to hands-on subspecialty care in a community setting.  The most important aspect to me while I was on the interview trail was whether or not I felt like I could fit in well with the residents and faculty at the program.  When I interviewed at GHS I felt like I was right at home; all of the residents and faculty were welcoming and genuinely interested in me as a person.  Additionally, it was clear to me that the residents were all very happy and felt well-supported by the faculty.  I also appreciated that the program at Greenville offered a smaller, community-based training program while still retaining a heavy focus on academics and research.  It seemed to be the best of both worlds.

Finally, I wanted to go to a program that was in a good location, and you cannot get any better than Greenville, SC!   Greenville is a beautiful city, has plenty of outdoor trails and parks, restaurants, music festivals and concerts, and is within driving distance of several other major cities.  Most importantly though, I felt that Greenville would offer the best job opportunities for my wife who is not in medicine.

Overall, it was the combination of all of these great qualities that led me to choose the
internal medicine program at Greenville, SC.