Matthew Hindman

Matthew Hindman, MD

Dr. Hindman graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in 2002, and finished his Med-Peds residency in Greenville in 2006, our program’s first graduating class. He was made a Greenville Health System (GHS) Leadership Fellow after undergoing an eight-month seminar designed to sculpt interprofessional leaders to support the transformation of healthcare delivery within GHS and one particular interest is Ethics. He completes Ethics consults at the Greenville Health System hospitals in addition to serving as a full time Greer Med-Peds Hospitalist. He is also director of Greer Memorial Hospital’s nursery and the co-director of the Greer Med-Peds Hospitalists Rotation with Sen Ravindran, our associate program director. His professional interests include ethics, cost-effective hospitalist medicine, and medical student and resident education.