Megan David, MD

Hello! I grew up in the Midlands of South Carolina, then graduated from Furman University in 2015 with a degree in Neuroscience. I also conducted four years of research into Parkinson’s disease while I was there, which I still believe was one of the most valuable experiences of my career. I then decided to pursue my medical degree at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC.

My interest in Family Medicine begins with my desire to prevent illness, treat what I can, and form lasting relationships with my patients. Knowing patients well and serving their medical and social needs are some of the core tenants of Family Medicine and why I chose this as my profession. My career ambitions include outpatient medicine, women’s preventative health, care across all ages, and teaching medical student and/or residents in my future career.

My leisure time involves spending quality time with my horse, Bailey, as we develop into Eventers, a discipline that involves Dressage, Cross Country, and Stadium Jumping. We have been partners since 2019 and have become closely bonded to each other. I also enjoy time with my two cats as well as time with friends, family, and my significant other. Lastly, travel remains a passion of mine, and I hope to visit Europe in the near future.

megan david on the horse