Megan Simmons, MD

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine

Why I chose Greenville: Greenville was my last stop on the residency interview trail and by that time, I had reluctantly accepted that I would have to sacrifice some of the things I wanted from a program wherever I chose to go.  I was dreading ranking the programs because I felt that I needed all of the following in residency to become the skilled and well-rounded physician I hope to one day be: a balance between independence and supervision such that I could truly practice medicine while learning from those with experience how to better my skills and acquire new ones; adequate experience to foster proficiency in both inpatient and outpatient medicine; opportunities to perform and become proficient at procedures (including intubation); and, resources that allow residents to get involved in meaningful research.  After my interview with Prisma Health, I felt confident that I had not only found a program that satisfied all of these needs but also one in which I felt a sense of belonging and community.  My choice for number one on the rank list was effortless after this and further solidified by the realization that Greenville, SC was a place I really wanted to live.