Nick Kennedy, DO

Hometown:  Winter Park, Florida
Medical School: Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:  I knew before my interview day was over that Greenville Internal Medicine Residency would be my first choice. This program was a culmination of all the factors I was looking for: an established program with a good reputation, a nice hospital, current residents whom I felt I could relate too and of course a great location with lots to do with my family. My wife and I attended the pre-interview dinner, and we both felt a strong sense of community and family between the residents and their spouses. It was obvious while we talked that the residents enjoyed a nice quality of life, all the while very satisfied with the training they were receiving.

During the interview day, Dr. Fuller took his time speaking with us about his program, and it was obvious that he took great pride in the curriculum and his residents. I appreciated that he emphasized his understanding that every resident will learn in a different way, and he strives to accommodate for these differences. At the end of the day, I felt like this program was not merely a conveyor belt that produces doctors, but a place where every resident is appreciated and respected as an individual.