Rhett Grinstead, MD

Hometown: Cornelia, Georgia
Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:   I’ve wanted to become a physician since middle school; however, it was not until my 3rd year of medical school that I decided to pursue internal medicine. Going into interview season I was very open to exploring many different types of residency programs. GHS was my last interview of the season.   Before that, I thought I had my mind completely made up about a different program, but as soon as I got to Greenville Memorial I had a feeling that I was in the right place. The faculty and residents were extremely friendly and helpful, the facilities were beautiful, the opportunities to succeed were abundant, and most importantly, all of the residents seemed happy. Resident happiness was one of the top criteria I considered when choosing a residency program, and after speaking with many of them it was obvious that GHS was a special place.

Much of my family currently lives in Greenville, too! So the opportunity to live and work so closely to them was another great bonus for me. The city of Greenville is fun, beautiful, and continuously growing. One of the most exciting things about living in Greenville is the food scene, as there seems to be new restaurants popping up every week!