Romela Petrosyan, MD

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Medical School:  University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:  Home is not determined by geographic location but rather the people who encompass that location. Once a political refugee who has immigrated to the United States from post-USSR Russia and did not speak a word of English, it was the unconditional support of family that allowed me to achieve my dream of becoming a physician. Despite the continuous challenges and obstacles, I’ve grown stronger and developed a greater appreciation of humanism in medicine.  Greenville Health System exemplifies the balance of rigorous academics, patient-centered care, and compassion which I sought at all levels between faculty, residents, students and staff.  I was welcomed with open arms and felt at home.

Medicine humbles me and inspires me to perpetually seek answers and solutions needed to address patient needs. It is within Greenville Health System where I will strive to become a reliable clinician, curious researcher, and resourceful educator, joining a movement with other like-minded individuals who share a genuine commitment to holistic patient care.