William Sanders, DO

Hometown:  Monroe, Louisiana
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why I chose Greenville:   I chose Greenville as my first choice for internal medicine for many reasons. I remember it was my first interview. It was way back in October, not long after interview season opened. The first contact I had with the residents was at the pre-interview dinner the night before. I immediately noticed that they were all extremely nice and relaxed. I had been given advice that I should look at their demeanor and see if they looked happy. They did. This provided me with a positive gut feeling about the program – aside from the many great things about the “small city” feel of Greenville and how the program teaches and caters to each individual resident’s needs – which carried me through the rest of interview season. I had several choices upon finalizing my rank list. USC-Greenville is an academic residency with a close-knit feel, happy residents, and solid teaching that will allow me to achieve my goals in internal medicine residency and fellowship. These are the reasons why USC-Greenville was the clear winner, and I am excited to grow here as a physician with my new colleagues.