Program Requirements

Core Rotational Experiences

  • Orientation
  • Medicine Critical Care
  • Surgery/Trauma Intensive Care
  • Cardiovascular Intensive Care
  • Neurocritical Care
  • Infectious Disease (ID consult service or stewardship)
  • Pediatrics (PICU or NICU)
  • Preceptorship Rotation

Elective Rotational Experiences

  • Pulmonary Teaching Service     

  • Cardiology

  • Pediatrics (hematology/oncology, PICU, or NICU)

  • Emergency medicine

  • Medication safety/medication use

  • Infectious disease (ID consult service or stewardship)

  • Others based on resident interest, including repeating a previous rotation but with a different emphasis

Longitudinal Experiences

  • Medication Use Evaluation (MUE)

  • On-Call/Clinical Pharmacokinetic Service

  • Research Project (to be presented at the Southeastern Residency Conference [SERC] and poster at Midyear)

  • Teaching Certificate Program (if not obtained during PGY1)