Family Medicine (FM)

As a division of the Department of Family Medicine, our program is very well equipped to provide Family Physicians with the experience they are seeking.  Eight of our 13 PCSM faculty members have a background in FM, with four practicing predominantly at the Center for Family Medicine.  About half of our previous fellows were graduates of FM residency programs and have gone on to a variety of different careers discussed here.

As a fellow, FM physicians will work 1/2 day per week at the Center for Family Medicine, reporting to our FM/SM faculty.  They work alongside the FM residents, with plenty of opportunities to teach and collaborate.  They will also lecture to the residents twice a year, work together with them at events and physicals, and interact at various social events.

The faculty mentor for these fellows will be one of the core FM/SM faculty members.  As with each of our tracks, alterations can be made to accommodate any specific interests or goals the fellow may have.